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Design an experience 5 .

Schneider Electric’s focus on comfort offers guests the experience they dream about. 6 .In a hotel. the little things make all the difference.

Or perhaps they want their room to be cleaned. the temperature is reduced and the door bell is deactivated. Schneider Electric offers intuitive solutions so guests can adjust room setting from the TV and connect their own devices like computers and MP3 players. the curtains are closed. Modern travelers can create the right mood for work or entertainment. All your guest has to do is push a single button in the room. Guest Delight Technology is a big part of life in your hotel. To make it even easier.Redefine comfort Create the mood Our solutions include: Would your guests appreciate the relaxing convenience of switching off the lights right from their bedside? Maybe they do not want to be disturbed. for example. you can select pr ned scenes so that your guests just push a button for each occasion. the lights in the guestroom ar guration. 7 . When the sleep button is pressed. No problem.

Push buttons to activate “Do Not Disturb” and “Please Clean Up” signals are integrated under the thoughtful design.Intelligence makes buil more than building itse A comprehensive bedside panel compasses mood lighting and automated blind settings among other environmental controls into a sleek interface. 8 “Do Not Disturb” and “Please Clean Up” bell press switches .

9 . once inserted will engage lighting and temperature monitoring that continuously adjust for your guests’ comfort.lding lf Restrooms are equipped with 2 gang control switch and shaver socket. Remove the keycard and the lighting and appliances will enter a time-delayed mode for lightings and energy-saving mode for appliances. Guestrooms & suites EZinstall guestroom control technology provides keycard total access.

having stayed at your hotel integrated with the EZinstall multimedia connections: . .EZinstall interface can display all kinds of data signals on the LED or plasma TV screens. . video camcorder among other electronic devices into the media streams and enjoy their music and entertainments in their own space.Your customers will take pleasure in being able to link up their multimedia. . representing a breakthrough in personal entertainment schemes available in hotel settings. 10 .Being able to enjoy their video and images they recorded the same day right on the TV in their guestroom. laptops and portable games to work and entertain efficiently. Your customers will be thrilled to share with their friends and colleagues their exclusive experience.Being able to plug their MP3 player. .Allow guests to connect their palm devices.Let guests connect their laptops to their in-room visual channel and fully make use of the big screen for their computer work.

It is not any electronic device accessories. Schneider Electric has developed an extensive portfolio of products to meet the need of hoteliers for complete integrated solutions. Face plate options No. leading the industry with a full spectrum of switches sockets and accessories and setting the standards of intelligent environment control designs Multimedia connecto r s b o o s t a v a r i e t y o f a p p e a l i n g d e s i g n s f e a t u r i n g interchangeable face plates to enhance the décor and aesthetics of the space. complementing look that will have you fall in love with both its intelligence and design aesthetics. of gangs available 2 gang 3 gang Crystal glass 4 gang 5 gang Black glass Silver hairline metal 11 . its extravagant outlook and top of the line material. offering total enjoyment in humanized designs. creating the perfect.Guestrooms & suites Bringing a stylish luxury to your guestroom The intuitive solutions offered by EZinstall technology leave you with a memorable first impression through the convenient EZinstall multimedia connection that can be placed anywhere to optimize handiness and ease of control. The sturdy durable designs are simple to use and easy to maintain.

ULTI i. The diverse design of control panels bestows the unique style that creates a distinct look for different hoteliers. empowering your guests with control over the outside world without leaving their guestroom and let them to take full advantage of multimedia entertainment in their own intimate space.Fully-equipped home office electronic environment offers total freedom to handle emails.Travelers can play relaxing tunes. online trading and interoffice communications. faxes.Guestrooms & suites FlexiportTM wallplate 2 gang FlexiportTM wallplate Dual telecommunication outlet Product Recommendation Flexiport TM wallplate equipped with intricate connecting points can provide customers with exceptional data communication and audiovisual user interface.Provides multiple voice contact environment including the classic analog voice systems and the state-of-the-art digital voice systems.Offers business settings complete with video conferencing to fulfill the communication needs of your friends and family. .m. Extra low voltage control switch integrates with room control system. . . .press NEO ZENcelo 12 . enjoy great movies and manage their finances over the web all inside their suites and under the mood setting they create for themselves.

Public area Atrium An intelligent lighting control for the lobby is essential to moods and brings about effects that can be created with different time settings throughout the day. Electronic customer database system. VDI solution introduce ever more humanized features that will be sure to impress your hotel clientele. data voice platform network. Generating spectacular visual effects and putting guests in a relaxing intimacy of home living. Convenient to operate. it can be preset at specific times to generate great savings in energy and operating costs. Intuitive control solutions that emphasize superb convenience allow guests to adjust their room setting on the spot or straight from the touch screens in the atrium bar. 13 . Entrance of the Atrium Traffic and occupancy based management of lighting help to create magnificent lighting effects that can be remotely controlled or adjusted on location.

elegant or solemn banquet settings.Public area Banquet Hall The banquet hall compares well to the most spectacular symphonic segment. while staircases and corridors are public spaces so often overlooked. Intelligent lighting can be e i t h e r c o n t ro l l e d t h ro u g h i n f r a re d re m o t e sensors or manually according to different criteria. Staircases and Corridors Wisdom being manifested in the details. and comes equipped with a time-delayed switch. Multi-function Hall To u c h s c r e e n s c a n f a c i l i t a t e a l l k i n d s o f management of light settings for business modes or for audio visual control. 14 . creating a win-win situation for both the client and the hotel. Moods are effortlessly bought about the hall with pre-installed designs to cater to the personal tastes of different clientele. and desirable effects can be realized instantaneously with the touch of a button. Staircases are outfitted with lighting schemes that operate in preset modes in the day and operated by infrared sensor in the night. a well-planned lighting control scheme can yield substantial energy savings for the entire building. and intelligent lighting control can create the festive. Traditionally awkward procedures can be reduced to simple operations with intelligent integrated systems.

And the VDI fiber optic and shield system can provide for a comprehensive yet private communications across the globe. for business or for pleasure. Using preset time control. Highlighting in-room intelligence becomes ever more vital. Hotel Floodlights The facade lighting design has become a contemporary component of the modern cityscape. 15 . The system can blend and mix lights from a variety of sources to create dimensional effects with distinct themes and characters. and clever lighting control and the one-touch scene setting provisions are especially important in satisfying this demand.Public area Presidential Suites The many extravagant presidential suites are no longer mere accommodation but have evolved into sightseeing hotspots which are often indicative of the hotel status and are the places to stay for persons of importance such as political and economical VIPs. seasonal or hourly display of light and shadows can be created for the hotel facade and exuberate ever-changing vibes that sets it apart from its surrounding buildings. with the support of light sensors.

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Security Room 17 .

it provides real-time alarm and forensic tools for tracking events. scalable and highly reliable. View live or recorded video on-demand for any alarm or event. protecting your Fire & Life Safety We offer comprehensive fire detection and alarm systems that integrate seamlessly with our other security offerings. and graphically view security incidents on a workstation. search and control of digital recordings on hard disk • Integrated pan/tilt/zoom controls to view every area effectively • Support for analog and IP hardware. business critical communication. Send intrusion alarms.Hotel security integrat solution Video surveillance & analytics Fully integrated video security automatically displays video per alarm or event at command central. Our intelligent. Quickly pinpoint potential security breaches and significant events with our analytics software that provides real-time alarm and forensic tools to track and assess events. linear heat and flame detectors investments in existing systems while providing a future- • Emergency lighting systems proof path for digital/IP migration • Alarming equipment & other peripherals 18 . In case of fire. heat. create reports. Digital Video Management We offer a full suite of solutions for video management and analysis. innovative products are user-friendly. Intrusion events can trigger automatic responses. heat and flame detectors. along with notification appliances. a glass-break alarm can cause a video feed to pop up on the workstation. A single network allows for the convergence of security. and ventilation is set to safety mode. for example. Quickly pinpoint potential security breaches with our video content analysis software. Our integrated video solutions offer powerful benefits such as: Intrusion Detection Our security solutions integrate intrusion detection devices with your overall security network. • Addressable & conventional control panels and detectors • Smoke. Get a complete security overview for: • Motion detection • Duress • Automatic display of camera views per alarm or access event • Cabinet tamper • Arm/disarm zones • View video at up to 30 frames per second and bandwidth- • Glass break • Digital dialer integration grade resolution • Powerful video analytics processing on the system or at the edge • Easy storage. emergency lighting systems and other peripherals can be seamlessly integrated into the security management system. emergency exists are automatically unlocked and illuminated. cost-effective backbone that facilitates timely. eliminating the need for constant monitoring. Fire & life safety Smoke. building and business applications for optimal performance and access to a new level of business intelligence. IP network IP networks based on open protocols provide a useful.

parking garages. Seamless integration between all security applications gives you a single-seat view of all systems. and lower installation and ongoing operating costs. The result? A more secure. allows users to monitor and control all security and building management applications via a single interface. This means faster response times and improved security. cooling. As occupants enter areas. Access Control Our feature-rich access control systems are designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. reduced training. data centers • Flexible access scheduling We can provide specifications to end-users. Single-seat control Our user-friendly management system. lighting is activated and temperature is set to comfort levels. engineers and consultants to aid you in the system design process. These same detectors can be used to regulate lighting. Intrusion detection When zones are activated. Zones can be activated and deactivated independently of each other. architects. and ventilation systems based on room occupancy in order to conserve energy. heating.ed Access control Card readers allow permissions-based access to specific security zones. gates. motion sensors and window contacts detect intrusion and send alarms to command central. simplified maintenance. They provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations. elevators. production areas. Benefits include: • Easy control of access points—doors. • Customized forms and templates for editing and managing personnel access rights • Effective identification through photo badging or biometrics 19 . responsive environment. accessed on-site or remotely via the web.

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Operational Excellence 21 .

fans switch to their lowest setting. and others. air conditioners. TV. Infrared remote sensors can be used to control lighting.Solutions for energy saving Integrated Solutions for Guestrooms For guestrooms in use Curtains. and temperature is allowed to fluctuate over a wider range. wind speed and lighting can be operated through an LCD touch screen. temperature setting. Hi-Fi. saving energy costs ■■ More flexible and reliable power distribution ■■ Reduced maintenance costs 22 . which also provides access to security functions. Point of setting temperatrure (ºF) Three operation modes of FCU in guestrooms Busway Application Solutions Compared with ordinary cables. busbar systems have the following advantages: ■■ Pre-fabricated in factory ■■ Easy installation ■■ Free of maintenance ■■ Less energy lost ■■ Longer service life Schneider Electric busway application solution advantages ■■ Less total power distribution investment ■■ High energy efficiency. For vacant guestrooms Temperature is allowed to fluctuate over even a wider range. curtains. For unoccupied guestrooms Curtains close automatically to lighten the load of the air conditioning system.

HVAC Control System Environmental variables such as temperature. reduce maintenance costs and save energy Reactive power compensation system Ensures stable operation of the hotel power supply and distribution system. Power & Energy Management Systems and Energy Efficiency Application Solutions PowerLogic power monitoring system Configures proper power monitoring devices according to specific power supply features and requirements of different loads in the hotel. ■■ Improve system operation reliability and stability ■■ Monitor power quality comprehensively and discover potential risks ■■ Increase operation efficiency. ■■ Improve power factor. improve power supply quality Active power filter Sinewave The perfect solution for harmonic suppression in power systems. ■■ Eliminate negative impact and disturbance of harmonic on power distribution system ■■ Ensure safe operation of reactive compensation equipment in the system ■■ Reduce additional loss caused by harmonics to save energy and improve energy efficiency 23 . The system completely meets intelligent monitoring and management requirements for power systems by means of distributed monitoring and centralized management. decrease equipment loss and reduce power loss ■■ Stabilize the voltage at the receiving end and the grid. timer presets. air quality and room occupant numbers are used in the optimization of the HVAC's operation for maximum comfort and efficiency. It realizes intelligent and transparent hotel power systems. Liquid level control and variable speed drive contribute to the HVAC's superior energy efficiency.

This series of products are designed mainly for heating. harware. on capacitor switching Fully silent operation 24 . lifts. electronic equipment. Where some motors use soft-starter control schemes. traveling cranes. Using sensitive equipment to transient surges: PLC. Power Factor Correction The Thyimat Fast Response capacitor bank is an automatic power factor correction equipment presented in a cubicle. including:Varplus2 capacitors Detunel reactors Rapid response controller 6 steps or 12 steps (step response time 20ms) Static contactors (response time less than 20ms)(1) Functions & Advantages Reduce reactive power consumption through power factor correction Applications Static correction is particularly suitable for a certain number of installations:Using equipment with fast cycles: welding machines. etc. the ATS48 soft start . robots.soft stop unit is the optimal solution. ■■ Maximizing efficiency ■■ Reducing operating cost ATV21 and ATV61 variable speed drives are adopted here. They can reduce expenses through optimizing energy consumption whilst providing maximum comfort.Variable Speed Drive and Soft-starter Application Variable speed drive is one of the most efficient techniques applied to HVAC in recent years. (1) Advantages of static contactors: Immediate response to all power factor fluctuation Unlimited number of operation Elimination of transient phenomena on the network. ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) in industrial and commercial buildings. wrecking cranes. mills. conveyors.

References The Landmark Mandarin Oriental The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is a 5 Star Boutique Hotel designed for the discerning traveller. the EZinstall lighting solution for guestrooms. Ensure a consistent and flexible system that can be shared. The functionality of each of its 113 ultra-modern rooms has been carefully designed. Ultimately. control and management systems. award-winning hotel. With the implementation of our intuitive lighting. An integrated lighting control and management system for public areas and guest room control system that can be integrated with INNCOM to achieve remote monitoring and management for better energy savings. The hotel offers some of the largest rooms in Asia showcasing the full spectrum of luxury and design aesthetics. In line with the Client's philosophy of "form followed by function" to encapsulate the essence of aesthetics. ULTI. intuition and sophistication. deployed across Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG) hotels around the world for a consistent and familiar guest experience. the Landmark Mandarin Oriental reaffirms its status as Hong Kong's most sought after. Reliable structured cabling solutions were required for the entire building while complementing its revolutionary in-room entertainment system as well as meeting and banqueting facilities. It must include built-in flexibility to accommodate future upgrading. Datacomms for structured cabling system and electrical accessories to complement and complete other areas in the hotel. furnished and structured to seamlessly integrate with INNCOM (Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group's partner in Smart In-Room Systems). our award winning Hotel Solution was selected to implement its C-Bus Lighting Control System for public areas. The solution called for a seamless integration with the Hotel's present standard of technologically advanced and stylish facilities to satisfy the diverse needs of its exclusive clientele and also based on the following indications: A reliable and reputable lighting control system for public dimming areas and inroom lighting control. and reflect the up-market brand image of the Group. The lighting controls must be simple to use and easy to maintain. 25 . NEO C-Metro and C-Cosmo ranges were used throughout the hotel to compliment the asthetics and decor of the space.

Our Mood Expressions Solution was selected to provide a state-of-the-art lighting control system which integrates with the building management system. commitment and flexibility. the engineering division and the marketing team based on reputation. Owned by leading property developer. formerly known as Parkside Place. A total solution that uses the latest technolgy but based on conventional wiring practice. master lighting control from specific location. One of the top priorities for the project management team was to minimize the interruption and disturbance to the residents. the elegant units are the epitome of 5-star living that encapsulates the intimacy of home living with exquisite design details and extravagant creature comfort finishing more usual in top end hotels. 26 . feelings and moods through an intelligent lighting control system. This solution helped minimize installation cost for multi-way switching and installation time for lighting control systems which ultimately translates into optimum savings without re-wiring or major renovation. A solution that meets the requirements of the project management. Their foresight resulted in a better organized and less stressful environment for the residents. the property comprises 270 fully furnished service suites that combine luxurious lifestyle with stunning views of Victoria Harbour. Siemens electrical appliances and state-of-the-art Clipsal lighting control solution. fixtures and furnishings. A crucial part of this upgrade is the inclusion of high-end appliances like Nakamichi Hi-Fi equipment. To complement and enhance the property's image positioning. Swire Properties deliberately divided the renovation work into two separate phases: Phase I in West Wing comprising 135 units and Phase II in East Wing comprising 135 units. The innovative thinking culture of Swire Properties demanded the need for stateof-the-art products. award-winning UTLI products were installed. The EZinstall technology is specifically developed to be compatible with conventional 2-wire electrical wiring. lighting and dimming. Swire Properties Limited. floors. offers a presige address that is simply unique in Hong Kong.Pacific Place Apartments Pacific Place Apartments. Impeccably renovated with a Contemporary-Oriental essence. Victoria Peak and the city's dynamic skyline. the solution deployed recreates an intimate space that allows freedom of expression. High-end products and solutions were required that complemented the apartment's positioning as a luxury avant garde property. Hong Kong Park. the solution inspires vogue living that transcends mere walls. A user-friendly solution was required to integrate intelligent lighting system functionality such as building management system (BMS) integration. Powered by EZinstall technology. The key challenge here was the fact that it was an upgrading project. With over 4.000 devices installed in the property.

27 . comfortable and noble atmospheres for the hotel. power distribution monitoring and hotel management systems into one total system. guarantee high-speed data transmission and smooth voice communication. for providing an integrated building management system to this project. Schneider Electric was selected to be the provider of the building automation system of the hotel due to its excellent performance. Covering total floor space of more than 90. but more noticeably. but also reduced the energy consumption. and create fashionable. As part of the prestigious International Finance Centre. the Four Seasons redefines luxury and excellence in a city renowned for exceptional accommodations. which simplified the system and supplied better performance. it is composed of 3 basements. This project also used Schneider Electric VDI cabling systems. this hotel is a 5-star hotel. Beijing Silvertie Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing Silvertie Park Hyatt Hotel is located in the central area of CBD. With luxury equipments and facilities. but is often considered a 6-star hotel. fire automatic alarming systems. All of these not only ensured the comfort and safety of the hotel. With total floor space of 350.800. Schneider Electric won the bid for the generic cabling project of the hotel in virtue of the outstanding performance and higher performance-cost ratio of its products. fully displaying the advanced technological strength of Schneider Electric in the 21st century. Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel Beijing Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel Beijing is a standard 4-star international hotel under the management of InterContinental Hotels Group.000m2. Schneider Electric power distribution products also guarantees the safe use of electricity in the hotel. it is one of the tallest buildings in Beijing. 249. 4-storey skirt building and two 17-storey towers. improved facility management efficiency greatly and saved hotel operational costs. Schneider Electric integrated HVAC control. security protection systems. Schneider Electric provided not only power distribution products to the Four Seasons Hotel. These systems can fully meet demands of the hotel.9 meters in height and 63 floors. Category 6 unshielded cabling systems were used for the data part and category 5e unshielded cabling system for the voice part.000m2. facing Chang'an street in the north and East 3rd Ring road in the east. it offers unrivalled links to Hong Kong Station. In September 2004. The hotel has 40 floors and 399 guestrooms. This was a perfect cooperation. Specific to the requirements of equipment monitoring & control of the Park Hyatt hotel. This project used Titanium full-series products and the information points totaled 9.Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong On the waterfront overlooking Victoria Harbour and the financial district. with the famed Star Ferry steps away. In the meanwhile.

covering floor space of about 120. Perfect performance ensures safety of power supply for the building. 2/F business center. multifunctional hall. This project used Schneider Electric Prisma and Blokset low voltage switchboards. Ningbo Marriott Hotel Ningbo Marriott Hotel is located in a brand-new 38-storey multi-purpose building in CBD of Ningbo which functions also as an international Grade A office building. The hotel has become a new conference and dining place in Guangzhou. The load of the distribution system totals 10. Overlooking the gorgeous Pearl River and even having fine landscape gardens. the hotel is an oasis in the city where you can heartily enjoy comfort and happiness. the medium voltage part used MVnex medium voltage switchgears and the low voltage part used Blokset low voltage switchboards of Schneider Electric. it also has 1. 28 . all components of sub-distribution panels and Wingoal automatic power switching device.000 kVA. This new hotel has 311 guestrooms. conference halls.686m2 conference and banquet halls. Our intelligent lighting control systems have been installed in over 10 places of the hotel like lobby. Product advantages of Schneider Electric are brought into full play and infiltrated into every link of the whole system.Beijing Westin Hotel Financial Street of Beijing is a fortune rood section and the location of the super 5-star hotel Beijing Westin Hotel. etc. 26-storey executive lounge and several restaurants in different floors. All banquet halls are equipped with the most advanced audio/video devices. The 8 restaurants and bars totally different in style. and banquet halls. The hotel has 704 standard guestrooms and 26 deluxe suites. The building is a core project of the construction of "long corridor of culture along the three rivers".000m2. Shangri-La Hotel Guangzhou Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel overlooks the charming scenery of the Pearl River and adjoins Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It brings the harmonious idea of the new electric world into full play and becomes powerful technical support to new hotel business in the 21st century. 2 banquet halls and 8 multifunctional halls meet various demands of guests for conferences and banquets. Besides 205 apartment rooms and 486 rooms and suites. a model of "new electric world" concept. The whole structure of the hotel includes 2 basements and 30 storeys above ground. ATS.

United Arab Emirates Intercontinental & Crowne Plaza . Denmark Moon Palace Resort Cancun.Dubai Festival city Dubai.Dubai World Trade Center Dubai.IBIS & Novotel Hotel . Spain Hilton Copenhagen Airport Copenhagen. United Arab Emirates Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona. Mexico 29 .

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