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Interview Protocol

Interviewer: Danielle Williams
Interviewee: Melissa Plummer
Date: 3-3-16
Time: 2:00pm
(These are sample questions. Please add your own questions to learn more about
your specific classroom. This interview should take place in your initial meeting,
prior to the two-week intensive).
Planning Questions:

What types of materials do you need available when you plan lessons?
Pacing guide, common core curriculum

In what ways do you plan to accommodate individual differences in the


We use Mclass data, assessment data and classroom participation to

evaluate if students are ready and are grasping the concepts if not then we
will work to meet those needs. Also, we use small groups in order to better
evaluate if students know the standard.
Instructional Questions:

What are some of your instructional challenges as a teacher? Different levels

of learning, different types of learners, other tasks as teachers we are asked
to perform by the state or other areas

What have been some of your instructional successes as a teacher?

getting it and making growth in their learning as individuals and a group. The
excitement of learning and accomplishing tasks

What do you consider essential characteristics for successful teaching?

Character, Community and Challenge making sure all students feel
successful and good about themselves and their accomplishments

How often do your students receive social studies/science instruction? Each

day we rotate Science and Social Studies units but teach the subject we are
working on each day.

Are you satisfied with the amount of time that you currently allot for social
studies/science instruction? Explain. I would like to have more time to teach
both subjects each day but with the requirements from the state for 3 rd grade
it is almost impossible with the MClass assessment 3xs a year and Read to
Achieve Portfolio passages it takes up a lot of classroom instruction time.
Classroom Management Questions:

What are the class rules?

How is student behavior monitored? In what ways

is positive behavior reinforced? In what ways are negative behaviors
prevented? Tell me about the consequences for negative behavior.

I have used many different systems for behavior.

Sometimes there is a
schoolwide policy or at Union Academy you can chose what works for your
classroom. I have changed in the middle of the year before as I did this year.
The rules are 1. Follow Directions Quickly, 2. Raise your hand for permission
to speak, 3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat, and 4. Make
Smart choices if they did not follow these instructions then they get their
number on the board and walk reflective laps at recess where they come and
tell us how they are going to handle it better the next time. For rewards I
give out coupons if they do not get their number on the board more than
twice in a week. (examples: eat with teacher, computer pass, stinky feet, hat
for a day, etc.)

Tell me about the pacing of lessons and interaction in the classroom- use of
time- and other aspects of timewait time, and time using teacher talk and
student talk. What works well with your students?
They are taught from the very first week classroom atmosphere and what is
expected students learn how to turn and talk effectively with each other and stay
on task and know they can lose the privilege at any time. As far as teacher
interaction I keep that open but also try to work on independence and figuring
things out on their own after it has been explained.