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 Netherlands Police Agency

National Crime Squad

Digital Expertise Team
Address Hoofdstraat 54
3972 LB Driebergen
P.O.box P.O. box 100
3970 AC Driebergen
Internet www.politie.nl/klpd

Contact A.M. Breuer

Phone  Mr. Naga Raja
Email arthur.breuer@klpd.politie.nl

Subject Thank you!

Date April 26, 2010
Our reference
Your reference

Dear Naga,

 With this letter we really want to thank you for all your work you did for us, regarding the use of
Tesseract on Tamil text. At this moment, we are using the results of your work in an international

We want to compliment you on the manner in which you helped us. We think that your
enthusiasm, technical knowledge, tenacity and quick reponses are an example for everybody who
works in the computer technology.

We wish you all the success in the world for the future.

With the kindest regards,

Netherlands Police Agency

National Crime Squad

Arthur Breuer
ICT-specialist R&D