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Seth French

Earth Science
Steven Aranyosi
18, March 2016
Global Warming Essay

Summary: The Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA. The background of the EPA is they
enforce and make regulations on the laws passed by congress concerning the human health and
health of the environment. This article is government back so there are many links and other
additional pages showing where the research came from and the scientist that took the data.
Opening this article it goes into a factual evidence and the background of what global warming is
and the different aspects of it. Following the introduction and opening knowledge of the passage
the article goes into precise details about the evidence and has a page documented to where the
evidence is studied and where it came from and how it can be visible in the United States. After
learning about how there are signs everywhere and data proving that global warming is an actual
threat and dangerous situation, the EPA mentions the causation for such events and gives a
hyperlink to offer more statistics and data. Now that the possible causes have been noted, the
article goes forth talking about how these causes are affecting everybody and everything. In
conclusion of this article, it gives insight of what each person can do to help prevent this
situation from getting too far out of hand.
Critique: I believe this article is very factual due to the sufficient evidence, dates, and the credit
being given. It is a government backed website and agency so I highly doubt that any
misinformation would be allowed on it and that is why I chose this website over the one I
originally proposed. The way the EPA presents the information is very professional, only the key
concepts of each passage are on the main page with side notes and there are other links where the
information given is explained in much greater detail for the more oriented audience. The Pros of
this article are, its government backed to ensure the greatest satisfaction of data, its very precise,
the quality of the statistics is in depth and it is very easy to understand. The cons of this article I
feel, since it is their job to promote the good being and health of the environment, I feel it could

be packed with bias and loaded statistics to further prove their cause. Another con of this article
is that you have to go to many other pages to view additional information which requires a great
amount of time to navigate each page and find additional bits and pieces of information. Each
page is very well designed, but it just is a hassle to read a little bit of the key concepts and then
search the rest of the website and hyperlinks in order to find the sufficient data and evidence one
is looking for. Overall this article could be improved for say older audiences by providing more
information on the homepage and less hyperlinks, but really it is a well-designed article and
gives credit to provide credibility for the information given.
This topic relates in every way to the Earth because it is how we impact the world we live
in and how everything we do affects the Earth in more ways than we realize. This article
provides evidence to show how we are slowly killing the planet we live on and what can be done
to prevent further damage.
This article relates to my life by talking about the planet I live on and how I personally
affect my life and the well-being of my future. Also I enjoyed this article because it brought to
my attention the dangers of my actions and showed frightening statistics on what I could
potentially cause. Another way this article is practical, it shows how I could improve aspects of
my life to ensure a better future.

The planet of Earth is a forever changing place. Evolution and adaptations are good in
many ways in order to support the human race. There are also many overlooked aspects of life as
well as the way everyday life has impacted the planet. The topic at hand being discussed is
global warming. Looking for the problem, identifying it, and educating the public on, how it is
affected, and what can be done to solve or help curb this intensifying phenomena is crucial for
future generations.
The first step in finding a solution for something is to know how to define the problem.
So what is global warming? Global warming refers to the recent and ongoing rise in global
average temperature near Earth's surface. It is caused mostly by increasing concentrations of
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. (Climate Change: Basic Information , 2016) But what does
all this mean? Why is it significant? The most basic way of talking about global warming is
talking about the Earth is getting warmer. Gradually and over time the average temperature is
increasing. This can have detrimental effects such as very dangerous and could be harmful
changes in weather and climate around the world. This is very bad, the higher the temperature
the faster the polar caps could melt, raising the ocean level, causing flooding, the list just goes on
and on naming and listing consequences.
To convince people global warming is not a government conspiracy and a way of them
receiving funds, which is what many of people think. Too many peoples surprise there is enough
physical and visual evidence as well as scientific. The EPA says, Many places have seen
changes in rainfall, resulting in more floods, droughts, or intense rain, as well as more frequent
and severe heat waves. Places all over the world are seeing changes in their weather, fluctuating
weather patterns, and even changes in the climate in which they live in. There are even bigger
problems at hand. As mentioned with rising temperatures, the sea levels are rising due to polar

caps and icebergs melting. Also the EPA says oceans are becoming more acidic because of higher
Now that the problem has defined and there is sufficient evidence, the goal is to target
contributing factors and leading causes to the problem. The main reason for global warming is
the release of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. This is largely due to the effect humans
have had on the planet. Building factories, automobile emissions, and many other factors lead to
putting dangerous chemicals in the air. The EPA says that a major factor of releasing these
chemicals along with other greenhouse gases is burning fossil fuels. Greenhouses gases are very
vital to life as the EPA says greenhouse gases are similar to a blanket, stating, Greenhouse gases
act like a blanket around Earth, trapping energy in the atmosphere and causing it to warm. But
science also says that too much greenhouse gas can cause mass change in the weather pattern
resulting in as mentioned catastrophic events following. The way this is presented is the amount
of sunlight that is absorbed into the Earths atmosphere enters this blanket and then some can
reflected back into space, but when more greenhouse gases are present, then the amount of
energy is increased and more heat is trapped under the atmosphere and bounced off the Earths
surface consequently increasing the Earths natural surface temperature.. Therefore the goal is to
target the main producers of these greenhouse gases and control the amounts they put out in
order to keep them from harming the future.
Solving all the problems at once is a ridiculous and a non-realistic goal. The average
global temperature did not rise over night, so stabilizing or limiting it will not happen overnight
either. There has to be a process or steps implemented in order to deal with this. Scientist have
been trying for years to figure out the best possible solutionA smart goal would be to take one
issue, try to provide more knowledge on that specific issue, and find better ways of performing

the task or making it more efficient/ better for the planet. As mentioned humans are the leading
contributors for global climate change because of the man made products such as buildings and
factories. There have been regulations put on businesses for example once with the huge smoke
stacks in effort to limit the amount of poisonous carbon monoxide emissions that are put into the
Almost every breathing creature contributes to global climate change. That is life. Once
the public and individuals are educated on what they are causing and how it is effecting them
personally. The second step is finding out how to prevent other ways of contributing to
destroying the planet and raising the average climate temperature is crucial for future
generations. The next step has to be finding the key and major factors to ensure it does not reach
a level that is too uncontrollable and finding severe problems in a timely fashion.

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