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English I, Baker

Major Grade Lyrical Poetry Analysis Presentations

Objective: Students will be selecting and analyzing the lyrics to a song of choice using TPCASTT and their knowledge of literary, poetic, and sound devices as a culminating assessment
to the work with poetry in class.
Criteria: The song must have lyrics that in subject matter and language are school appropriate.
The song must contain the following elements:
Literary devices: theme, conflict, characterization, symbolism, setting, point-of-view, style,
Poetic devices such as, but not limited to allusion, analogy, antithesis, apostrophe, connotation,
contrast, denotation, hyperbole, irony, metaphor, metonymy, oxymoron, paradox, personification,
pun, simile, symbol, synecdoche, and understatement.
Sound devices such as rhythm, rhyme, repetition, alliteration, assonance, consonance, and
Students will select the song, print out the typed lyrics, and submit for approval. It will then be
annotated in class. It should have a combination of at least 5 of the literary and poetic devices
above, as well as sound devices. This doesnt mean instances of one device, but a combination
of 5 different devices. (Daily grade)
You must have at least:
1 literary device
1 poetic device
1 sound device.
The other two can be any combination of literary, poetic or sound
2. Once the lyrics are annotated and approved, the student will complete a TP-CASTT on the
lyrics. (Daily grade)
3. Finally, the student will create the visual for the presentation. The presentation board is a half
piece of poster board. Please keep in mind that points will be taken off for not following
Front of poster board: Clean typed lyrics on one half of the front and a piece of artwork or
illustration that represents the tone of the song on the other half. Neatness counts as well as
complying with the format.
Back of poster board: The completed TPCASTT will be glued to one the back on one side and
on the other side of the back, will be the original approved and annotated song lyrics.

4. Presentations Students will be graded on if the student has seriousness of purpose, are
speaking loudly and clearly so that the information can be heard, as well as the quality of
In the presentation, the student will first read the lyrics all the way through.
Then the student will share the information on the TPCASTT and point out the literary, poetic,
and sound devices that are found in the lyrics. Keep in mind the theme should be written in the
sentence format and be universal as students were taught in class.
If the student chooses to play a piece of the music, he or she may, but only one verse and the
chorus as time allows.
In Class Grade 1: Annotated typed lyrics approved for content and at least the occurrence of 5
Homework Grade: 2: TPCASST correctly completed.
Major Grade: Presentation Rubric
Presentation- 5 Points
Format and neatness- 5 points
Is the illustration there? Is the typed clean song lyric on the front? Are the processes on
the back TPCASTT and annotated typed song lyrics?
Quality of Information (worth up to 40 points)
Literary Devices 10 points
Poetic Devices 10 points
Sound Devices 10 points
Theme 5 points
Tone 5 points

Total points: 50