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Conception After Ovulation - Can You Get Pregnant a Day After Ovulation

Conception After Ovulation - Can You Get Pregnant a Day After Ovulation

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Published by: Pregnancy Advisor on May 01, 2010
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Conception After Ovulation - Can You Get Pregnant a Day After Ovulation?

Written by: Pregnancy Advisor

Conception After Ovulation Recently, I attained an email for a woman who suspected which she had intercourse the day after ovulation. What occurred was the her husband had kept on away on business and she was using an ovulation predictor while he was gone. On his last day away, she got a certain taking a look at on the predictor, that means which she had simply ovulated. Obviously, they could not try to conceive on this day, since her husband was in another state. However, when he returned the next day (which would be one day after ovulation) they had intercourse and attempted to conceive. The wife wanted to know if this attempt was too late or if you really can get pregnant after ovulation occurs. Conception After Ovulation I will address this specific situation in the following article. Conception One Day After Ovulation: Is This Possible?: It's extremely possible. In fact, it's a very favorable time frame. Here's why. Your egg can possibly live for longer than one day, as can your partner's sperm chromosomes. People sometimes think that you have only one day in which you can get pregnant, but this just isn't so. Specifically, the egg is said to be viable for anywhere from 12 - 72 hours, depending on the person that we are talking about. The sperm has an even longer and more generous life span, where 72 hours is the norm rather than the exception. Since she had gotten the "positive" reading on the afternoon (around 4:00), I would say that she was most definitely within safe ranges on the morning of the next day (around 10:00 am.) So, if she did not get pregnant, it would likely not be because her timing was wrong. Conception After Ovulation It would be due to the many other factors that affect whether you become pregnant or not. But in this case, the timing was fine. Why Conceiving Following Ovulation Is More Like To Give You A Boy Baby: Just for fun, I explained to her that the time frame that she had used was more likely to produce a boy or male baby (if she had been successful.) This is because as more time goes on, the boy producing sperm, or the Y's, die off and become less plentiful.

Conception After Ovulation - Can You Get Pregnant a Day After Ovulation? © 2010

So, if she had been able to have intercourse before ovulation (if her husband had actually been in the same state) then probably much more females would have been present for the scramble and / or the mad dash to the egg. This would give the girl producing sperm the distinct advantage as they would have likely been represented in far greater numbers and volume. (Picture a football chart with X's and Y's with MANY more X's. Which is more likely to catch the pass?) This does not mean that the boys can't get through or intercept that pass, even with only small numbers present, but it does greatly increase the odds. Conception After Ovulation But guess what? She and her husband wanted to parent a daughter this time around. I told her that there was really nothing that she could do to change the course of events that had already happened. The time frame that she was working within now was definitely more favorable to boys - at least at this time. So, she really had to wait to see if she had become pregnant and, if she had not, she needed to start over. Of course that did not mean that she had to go with the same game plan the next time. I told her that the next month, she should maybe consider trying a saliva (or spit - rather than a urine) ovulation predictor as this could show near positives that would help her to get the timing right. She could then have intercourse in the time frame that favored girl babies more (which was as much as seventy two hours before that true plus or positive.) I told her that she should also turn her attention to her PH reading and to try to raise it. An acidic environment, or a low PH, very much favors producing daughters because it is harsh enough to discourage the quickly disappearing boy sperm. So to recap some specific strategies, for these parents to be, I would advise shooting for the period before ovulation rather than much later. In this instance, it could not be helped. But, next time, perhaps it could. I would also start immediately determining where she was PH wise. If she was already very acidic, she would only need to maintain this. But, if she trended even slightly alkaline, then she should change or tweak her diet to exclude low PH foods and to stack alkaline ones. Start raising a family! Get Pregnant Today by getting Conception After Ovulation ebook now!

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