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Astral Chimera

Created by primordial gods in direct response to the

summoning of Demogorgon, the astral chimera serves as
the counterpart to the regular chimera. An astral chimera is
far more powerful than its evil counterpart, and it exists
solely to destroy those evil monstrosities created by
Demogorgon, and others like it.
A typical specimen has the back legs of a goat, the
hindquarters of a tiger, the forequarters of a lion, and two
heads - one more wolf-like and one more feline. The astral
chimera generally prefers to surprise its victims, suddenly
phasing into the material plane without warning before
unleashing its devastating bites and spells.
Innate Magic. An astral chimera is innately magical,
and can use a few powerful illusion and divination spells.
The chimera generally uses these spells to distract and
outwit its prey, creating illusions that continue while the
chimera hides in the Ethereal Plane
Servant of the Primordials. The astral chimeras are
servants of the primordial gods that created them. They
follow their orders almost unquestioningly, but they still
may be reasoned with - it's just extremely difficult. Most
of their orders are generally to kill evil chimeras and minor
devils and demons, but they may also be sent after
particularly evil humanoids.