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For the small group activity, I worked with 5 students on a small reading passage
with five short questions. The reading passage was, Adapted from Blue Jay by Olive
Thorne Miller. The students were supposed to use UNREAL while reading the passage.
The students start with the U, which is underline, the title. Next, the N, is number the
paragraphs. Student didnt have to do this part in this passage because it was already done
for them. R is next, which is read the questions, then the story. E, Evidence (Find it!).
After reading the story, students were suppose to highlight the evidence and show me
where they found the answer and why they think that is the correct answer. Next, A,
which is all proof, must be underlined. Students need to not only highlight the evidence
but they need to underline it as well. Last, L, which is look over your work. This is the
most important piece of UNREAL because some students will accidentally look over one
question and not see it so they dont answer it. Students must look over their look and go
back and read every question and the answer they chose, and look back in the story to
make sure they have evidence highlighted and underlined for each question. Students in
my group did very well with this short story and answered the questions correctly.