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student Nar Practicum Lesson Plan Type of Activity: Race to fill the cup (math game) Age: 3-5 year olds Number in group: Observation and Planning On-Going Assessment Why do this activity? (Observations-Data Collection & Analysis) Children will recall the numbers they roll Children will learn to recite the numbers of total of the two dice Children will comprehend the 1 fo 1 comespondence with the game pieces and the number they roll What can children learn? What can children do? © Skills * Concepts: Children will recognize ito 1 correspondence with numbers Children will identity the numbers that correspond with the dots on the dice Children will remember the number they roll with the dice WMELS Performance Standards (Planning and Curiculum Goals) /e and General knowledge 8, Mathematical thinking Counts with 1 to 1 correspondence up to 20 objects and can tell the number that comes next Materials Needed Counting pieces Cups 2dice Prepare for the Activity- Implementation Invitation/Hook/Finger Play/Song/Question Procedure list steps in bullet points or numbers so you can follow along as you teach) Questions to ask (open-ended questions _ | Why-did you arab that many pleces? support divergent thinking: how, why, what) WITC Instructor Only /2 Activity Plan is developmentally appropriate /2 Activity Plan is comprehensive /1 Professional Presentation/spelling & grammar is correct Reflection- On-Going Assessment REFLECTION How did the children respond to the activity? What did they do? What did they learn? Vly tore Aasey 240d) Zastol F raving EB winmn 0-4 Lap} Going Letlcreyens'a Cup dom fll Au Veornud) 42 Orca pinblle, cll, 13 points Was the activity well organized? Were there enough materials? Were the guidance techniques The © Raitty br Ould O65 0nipel Thun ose plot metic, appropriate? /3 points /3 points Was the activity effective the chil, g Gee Oe St oD S 5 in encouraging the ye eee ees OS barca Piny Os) Tad 4 concepts and skills? Did |Comtss ol Veltiygeny Che poste ee fees the student encourage | oy). js. le. ee ho those concepts through questions? /2 points /2 points What would you do % teerend cole o~D ey differently next time? How can you build on this activity for your next lesson? Zee war triny g Be Porno Pets Prag hos a Cvla Lo