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CIRCLE TIME PLAN NAME: Suzette Rembert___ SITE: __Bad River Head Start. ‘Age Group:3-5 year olds Number in Group: 6-8 children Concepts/Skills: Recognize the different feelings in the story. Comprehend that feelings can change. ‘Supporting Questions: What was the pout-pout feeling at the beginning of the story? What was the pout-pout fish feeling at the ‘end of the story? Can feeling change? Settler: T will bring my bag of tricks. Z will roll a pom-pom ball to the children that are sitting for the story. Story/Book: ‘The pout-pout fish Games: ‘The orange race. I will need one orange or a tennis ball. Have all the children stand in a large circle ‘The first player holds the orange between his neck and chin. ‘Once you signal the start, the player pass +the orange to the next person in the circle who must receive it under his/her chin-NO HANDS. Players continue to pass the orange around the circle till everyone has had a turn, After the full circle the game is over, everyone is a winner ‘Music/ Songs/Creative Movement: Twill sing if your happy and you know it: Tf your happy end you know it Clap your hands Tf your hoppy and you know it Clap your hands ‘Tf your happy and you know it ‘Then your face will surely show it Tf your happy and you know it Clap your hands Iwill add additional verses if they children wont more singing ‘Other Activities: ‘Story- the feelings book if they wont another story. Transition: z (Out of the circle to free choice, they will have to throw their pom-pom back into my magic tricks for them to go to the tables cand play. Performance Standards: IE, Social and Emotional Development ‘A. Emotional Development AEL2 Understands and responds to other's emotions Associates words and gestures with a variety of emotions expressed by other IZ. Social ond Emotional Development B. Social competence CEL2 Engage in social interaction ond play with others Participates in cooperative play with others WITC INSTRUCTOR USE ONLY: 73 All components thought through/well organized Potential Guidance Techniques Needed ‘They will need to get up and move after a story, the orange game will give them the needed movement game, 72 Professional presentation/spelling, grammar correct eet Oo fas ol Se]. juosso| Cabare yp a mas Susocy, | pK@u snok 10} AUAYDD SIU aoe > _ F Uo pling nod uD> MOH, Te ST ae ey ay 0 Sebew ax gray dy? \ —jauiy pou hyuereup Se Se ee a Op NOA pjnom JOUM a eT squjod Z/ squjod Z/ oneeb “Sreraate goeblyy | Nua sdeoues 804 eae er, ai ‘@BDINoDUe {UaPNIs au} Baan a Me pee ated “77-70 Fee “reoyc, ~1| pra esis pun sdeau03 pits eee eae mantle 9g Ipopo wy 24} Bu|Bo:noDue Uy Bee ae ee 2 | eres sjujod ¢/ d syujod ¢/ ay ore getppdoiddo pea et 22 : oe) sanbluyoey e2uppin6 ayy Lag sare 7723 peer me PKG ole 79 | any jsinjia}0u1 YBNOUD Jone ween xe ee Fg HL | phreoha yor? 7 Igzepoo 77 | axeyasom epemiuDBIO wef yer “haves eer OL 112 AHAHOD 84} SDM, J ae noe Sabu 9" 7a), yoo) KOU PIP BUM re ae eae cop Aayj Pip UM sieeen Gee eet ec are od aaa Zee CANAW20 uy 0} puodse: sep > —n opt ee ieee bung grhobus —uppgo YL uasplYy> 24} PIP MOH eg bee Soe ae ren Be aren naa NOMDaTAaY Saye juauissassy BujOD-UO -YOHD2 You