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Data: 04/06/2011


Valor da Prova:

40 pontos

Assinatura do responsvel:

Orientaes gerais:
1) Nmero de questes desta prova: 12
2) Valor das questes: Abertas (4): 6,0 pontos cada. Fechadas (8): 2,0 pontos cada.
3) Provas feitas a lpis ou com uso de corretivo no tm direito reviso.
4) Aluno que usar de meio ilcito na realizao desta prova ter nota zerada e
conceituao comprometida.
5) Tpicos desta prova:
- Present Continuous
- Adverbs
1 Questo:
Nota =
Dear Sara
I am writing to you from our hotel. I am on vacation with my family and we are having a
great time.
The weather is great and the sun is shining. I am looking outside my window and people
are going toward the beach.
There are some people who are swimming and others are sailing. There are children playing
near the edge of the beach and they are building sandcastles.
Beside our hotel there is a big restaurant where people are drinking some kind of drink that
looks delicious.
At the moment my brother is watching television and my mother is telling him to get ready
because we are going to do some sightseeing.
My father is waiting for us downstairs, so I will write to you again later in the week. I have
to go now.
Love, Paula.
Vocabulary: great: timo; to shine: brilhar; toward: em direo a; edge: beira; to build: construir, sandcastles: castelos
de areia; to get ready: ficar pronto; to tell: dizer; sightseeing: passeio turstico; to wait: esperar; downstairs: no trreo.

Aps ter lido o texto, responda s perguntas em portugus:

a) Onde est Paula?
b) Como est o tempo?
c) O que Paula est fazendo neste momento?
d) Onde o restaurante est localizado?
2 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 1

e) O que o irmo de Paula est fazendo?

f) O que Paula e sua famlia esto indo fazer?

2 Questo: Leia as afirmaes abaixo e decida se so verdadeiras ou falsas:

I) People are swimming and dancing.
II) Paula and his family are on vacation.
III) The hotel is near the beach.
IV) The weather isnt very good.

Nota =

a) F V V F
b) V V V V
c) F V F V
d) V F V F
e) V V V - F

3 Questo: Para formar o gerndio em ingls, acrescenta-se a terminao ING no final dos
verbos, porm h algumas regras e excees. Marque a alternativa que tenha todos os verbos na
forma correta do gerndio.
Nota =
a) to play playing / to love loving / to stop stopping / to agree agreeing
b) to play plaing / to love loveing / to stop stoping / to agree agreeing
c) to play plaing / to love loving / to stop stopping / to agree agreing
d) to play playing / to love loving / to stop stoping / to agree agring
e) to play playing / to love loveing / to stop stoping / to agree agreing

4 Questo: Quanto ao estudo do Present Continuous, marque a alternativa que tenha a forma
correta de uma frase nesse tempo verbal:
Nota =
a) Paul is work in the garden at this moment.
b) Paul is working in the garden at this moment.
c) Paul working in the garden at this moment.
d) Paul are working in the garden at this moment.
e) Paul are work in the garden at this moment.

5 Questo: Marque a alternativa que complete corretamente as frases a seguir no Present

I The woman ________ (to wear) black clothes.
Nota =
II Those boys ____________ (to look) at you.
a) wearing / looking
b) is wear / are look
c) are wearing / is looking
d) is wearing / are looking
e) is wearing / is looking

6 Questo: Qual a forma interrogativa da frase The cat is running around the table?
a) Running the cat is around the table?
b) Is the cat running around the table?

Nota =

2 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 2

c) The is cat running around the table?

d) The cat is running around the table?
d) The cat running around the table?

7 Questo: Passe as frases abaixo para a forma negativa e interrogativa do Present Continuous:
a) She is cooking dinner.
b) They are studying for the test.
c) We are living in a small city.
d) Marcos is doing exercises every day.
Nota =
Leia o texto abaixo para responder s perguntas 8 e 9.
Its December thirty-first, New Years Eve. Don and Tina Caldorone are celebrating the
holiday with their children, Sam, Simon and Julie. The Caldorones are a very happy family this
New Years Eve. Next year is going to be a very good year for the entire family.
Next year, Don and Tina are going to take a long vacation. They are going to visit Dons
brother in Italy. They are going to visit the ruins in Pompei and drive along the Amalfi coast.
Sam is going to finish high school. He is going to move to Montreal and start college. He
is going to study Business Administration.
Simon is going to get his drivers license. He is going to save a lot of money and buy a
used car. He is also going to get a part-time job to pay for his car.
Julie is going to University next year. She is going to study law because she wants to
become a lawyer. Julie is going to share an apartment with her best friend in Montreal.
As you can see, The Caldorones are really looking forward to next year. Its going
to be a very happy year for all of them.
Vocabulary: New Years Eve: vspera de ano novo; holiday: feriado; entire: todo, inteiro; next: prximo; to finish:
terminar; high school: ensino mdio; to move: mudar; start: comear; college:faculdade; to save: salvar, guardar; law:
lei; to share: divider, compartilhar.

8 Questo: De acordo com o texto, marque a alternativa incorreta:

Nota =

a) A famla Caldorone est celebrando o Ano Novo.

b) O prximo ano ser um ano muito bom para toda a famlia.
c) Julie ir dividir um apartamento com seu irmo em Montreal.
d) Don e Tina esto indo para a Itlia.
e) Don e Tina tm trs filhos.
9 Questo: Relacione corretamente as colunas:

Nota =


2 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 3



Quer ser advogado (a).

Est indo visitar seu irmo.
Vai se mudar para Montreal.
Vai guardar dinheiro para comprar um carro usado.

a) 4 1 2 3
b) 4 2 3 1
c) 2 1 3 4
d) 3 2 1 4
e) 4 3 2 - 1

10 Questo: Neste exerccio voc ter que responder o que o personagem da ilustrao est
fazendo. Veja o exemplo:
Nota =

What is he doing?

He is playing soccer.

What is he doing? (to drink a cup of tea)


What is he doing? (to eat a sandwich)


What are they doing? (to sing)


What is he doing? (to cook the meal)


2 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 4

What is she doing? (to read a book)


What are you doing? (to study Math)


11 Questo: Escolha, em cada caso, a opo correta para completer cada frase.
- few/little
a)There are __________ teachers here today.
b)They drank _________ beer and ate __________ hot dogs.
c) Actually,shes been getting ___________ money.
d)We had been there for ___________ hours.

Nota =

- A few / a little
a) I eat ____________ bread in the morning.
b) There are _________ restaurants in the city
c) There was ___________ milk for their children.
d) Ill buy ___________ games.

12 Questo: Qual das opes possui os advrbios que completam as frases abaixo?
There was __________ coffee in the cup.
There were ________ students in the classroom.
There was _________ money in my wallet.

Nota =

a) Little few little

b) Few few little
c) Few few few
d) Little few few
e) Little little - few

2 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 5