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Analysis Outline Template

Complete your sentence outline. Your outline should have Roman numerals and
letters just like the student sample in the lesson and exactly like the template

Write your outline using complete sentences.

Roman numeral I is your thesis statement in response to the writing prompt.

Outline at least two body paragraphs (so you will have Roman numerals II and III)
and the specified number of examples and explanations as a minimum. If you
would like to outline additional paragraphs or examples and explanations, just add
Roman numerals to your template.

You need to include at least two direct quotations in your examples. Quotations
need to be introduced and explained in your sentence outline.

A At least one quotation is introduced using a colon correctly.

B At least one quotation is introduced using a signaling phrase correctly.

You need to include at least one paraphrased example in your sentence outline. Be
sure to label your paraphrased example.

Remember to use the stop light approach (green = topic sentence, yellow =
example, and red = explanation) to develop your paragraphs.
Writing Prompt:
What makes King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" powerful and effective? After
reading King's letter, answer the question by analyzing how he
uses structure and language purposefully in his text. Provide specific examples from
the text to support your analysis.

Thesis: King begins by acknowledging the criticism that he is one of many

outsiders coming in to cause trouble.


Topic Sentence: In the Letter from Birmingham Jail, King points out that he
is not an outsider since the people of Birmingham invited him

Example, quote, detail, or fact from the text: King is letting the clergymen
understand his role in what is going on during their time.

Explanation: Ever since I was younger when I began learning about MLK I saw could
tell how all of his intentions were good ones. Also he showed calmness in the face of

Explanation: The letter serves as a domino effect.


Topic Sentence: King reveals the cold truth of how African Americans live their
lives in the United States under racial prejudice and violence.

Example, quote, detail, or fact from the text: Like a boil that can never be cured so
long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness

Example, quote, detail, or fact from the text: Being a fighter of

injustice, King says, he sought to negotiate with the white community
of Birmingham, but they refused to comply.

Explanation: King explains how laws can be just and unjust, and that
he will only obey just laws that agree with his morals and disobey laws
that do not unlike the white churches, which permit prejudice and hate
even though they should preach humaneness and love.

Example, quote, detail, or fact from the text: Let us all hope that the dark clouds of
racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be
lifted from our fear drenched communities,

Explanation: King points out that Negroes will win their freedom in the
end because it is their right and Gods will.

Be sure to look at the student example in the lesson to guide you as you write your