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KieuTien Mai

Address: 893 Baldwin Drive Troy, Michigan 48098

Primary Number: 1-(734)-578-8709 Secondary Number: 1-(734)-578-8709
Email: kieutiennmai@gmail.com
January 24, 2016
BioCareUSA Healthcare Services
Holt, MI 48842
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am currently pursuing a career as an orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, when I seen the
opening available at your company for a position as a Medical Assistant, it appears to be
ideal for me to acquire this position. For this reason, I will further explain specific skills
and qualifications that I possess that will make me the appropriate fit for this position.
I possess the skills of analyzing information and then interpreting it in a different
manner. Additionally, I also have the ability to multi-task and learn from every
opportunity provided for me. Although I am currently just volunteering at a hospital, I
still have had many accomplishments as a volunteer as stated by the nurses and
doctors that I encounter every day. Therefore, I know that I could similarly improve
myself and your facility when I acquire this position. In addition to this, I am also goal
driven and for this reason I am very attentive towards every detail and aspect of the
job. Also provided in my resume, I am dedicated to everything that I do and I can
manage multiple responsibilities at a time and complete them with great success.
I am currently attending Wayne State University and pursuing a degree in Biology.
Wayne State University is known to be the top ranked schools in Michigan for students
pursuing Medical related careers. Through the first two semesters of being there, I was
introduced to multiple courses relating to biology and other sciences, along with
laboratory practice that enabled me to further improve my abilities. In addition to my
schooling at Wayne State, I also graduated from Troy High School, the top ten best high
school in Michigan, with a 4.0 GPA and achieving Cum Laude. I also was in the Med club
while at Troy High which helped me encounter real medical situations first hand.
As a final thought, I would also like to include that I am fluent in my first language,
Vietnamese, English, and Spanish. With these skills, I am enabled to speaking to or
translating for patients with courtesy and ease. I also have over 50 hours of
volunteering at Beaumont Hospital and for this reason I have experience with medical
situations that I will positively handle with care.
With this being said, I whole-heartedly hope you take interest in my application and
consider me as a part of your staff. I would love to meet and discuss further possibilities
with you in person.
KieuTien Mai

KieuTien Mai
893 Baldwin Drive Troy, Michigan 48098
new skills and

To acquire experience as a healthcare provider and build new

skills with patients and staff at the facility that will help develop
qualities that will further empower future careers

computer literate,

ability to identify, scrutinize, and improve work processes,

adapt to any environment, manage multiple responsibilities, people

goal-driven leader, multicultural awareness and sensitivity,

attentive towards
every detail, team player, dedicated,
responsible and reliable, optimistic

hospital rooms,
patient to the

sure the

Beaumont Hospital of Dearborn
September 2015 Present
Responsible for aiding nurses in cleaning work areas and greeting
Duties: welcoming patients when they first arrive, cleaning the
showing the patients where to go, bringing information about the
nurses to give to the doctors
Red Robin, Westland, Michigan
February 2014 August 2014
Responsible for providing customers with food services
Duties: taking the customers orders, greeting customers, making
customers are pleased with both the service and food

Sciences with a

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

September 2015 Present
Currently majoring in Biology in the College of Liberal Arts and
4.0 GPA
High School Diploma
Troy High School, Troy, Michigan

May 2015
Graduated with Cum Laude and achieving honors along with a 4.0

Dr. Omar Ali M.D

Beaumont Hospital of Dearborn
18101 Oakwood Dearborn, Michigan 48124
Thomas McCray
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
56350 Warren Rd, Westland, MI 48185