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Letter of Attestation of Diploma in Education Student

20 April 2016


This is to confirm that I have witnessed Carla Lewis in the execution of various lessons in which
she has displayed much skill and knowledge of subject content matter in her Curriculum Area of
Information Technology. She has incorporated technology and a student centered approach in
her pedagogywhich have made quite an impact on her charges.
Throughout our DipEd journey Mrs Lewis has been insightful and a great team player as she was
always willing to participate openly in collaborative tasks.
I can further attest that she has engaged in the process of administrative tasks in the form of unit
and lesson planning. Within her lessons her teaching resources were always appropriate as she
catered for all learning styles and abilities in her lessons.
She was also responsible for one of our Field Day visits at her school at Point Fortin West
Secondary, where she displayed additional administrative skills as the days activities were well
organised and well-orchestrated.
I hereby declare that the above statements are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.