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23rd April, 2016


Ms Carla Toney-Lewis has worked under my supervision as a teacher for the past
four (4) years and at Point Fortin West Secondary for 16 years. During this time as
Principal of the school she has always been a diligent, hardworking and dedicated
Ms Toney-Lewis is very committed to her students and is always looking for new and
innovative ways to teach the curriculum. She has participated in several workshops
to improve her delivery of the curriculum and enrolling in the Diploma in Education
is another means by which she can continue to learn and use new and
technologically innovative ways in her classes.
Ms. Toney-Lewis has always been willing to assist administration in its activities
and has conducted, at my request, short professional development sessions with
members of staff during staff meetings. She is highly respected by her colleagues
for her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is also a very effective form
teacher and an acting Dean at the school with the responsibility for the Prefect
I know that Ms. Toney-Lewis has benefitted from pursuing this programme and
would continue to use sound teaching techniques as well as mediation and
counseling to inspire, motivate and assist her students and her colleagues in

Yours Sincerely,
Jasmin R. Ramoutar
Principal (Sec.)