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adventure ideas SW D6

all captured and interned as slave labor in mining operation

slowly added 1 by 1... Cadance seperated from Skwerl, whe o is drugged
wait and see if there's a force reveal
Skwerl creates bubble of -2 to all force rolls within 100'
figure out that on star galleon
given hard tasks, lose personal item, sent to manual labor, unless DC
20 task
succeed and made foreman. party works under them
brutal put down of a revolt
slave fight
change in "ownership"
used to build a gladitorial pit

Escape have 4 freighter options

3 Starfighter options
3 sf patrol to fight through and a cap ship to outrun

Candance sold off to ??? believed to be force user

rework lords of the expanse to be minor warlords
gladitorial tables
number of guards in either hanger
1 = none
2 = 3 taking break at roughshod table
3 =2 alert and walking around
4 = 2 guarding door and 1 on internal patrol
5 = 2 guarding and 3 taking break and 1 walking around

6 = 3 of each and droid patroling with life and system scanner

level of security on selected ship... -10 difficulty to identify system

1 = none, silly pilots
2 = basic locks (10)
3 = two stage system (15)
4 = two stage system (15) with 4D stun blast on fail
5 = three stage system (20) with lethal 5D blast and audio alarm
6 = sophisticated gene lock (25) with audio alarm and clear hut markings

1 = unlimited, middle of major event
2 = d6 hours (known)
3 = 3d6 turns (known)
4 = 3d6 turns, pilot comes back with another every d6 turns
5 = 3d6 turns, pilot of neighboring craft
6 = 1d6 turn, that pilot and a guard