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Division 18 Newsletter

March 2016

Hello dear families! What a great second term we have had. Here is a quick overview of our weeks before and
after Spring Break which begins on March 14th (11th is last day of school) and ends on March 28th (29th is first day
back at school). I wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to greeting your children upon their return to
school on March 29th.

Le franais (Language Arts)

Ami du jour (Friend of the day) Please see class calendar to find out when your childs special day is. For
Montre et Raconte (Show and Tell) this month we are focusing on spring (Le Printemps). Here are some
examples of what your child can bring: A stuffy/toy that represents a baby animal, a photo of your family engaged
in a springtime activity (i.e.: flying a kite, collecting Easter eggs), a branch with buds or flowers etc.
Les themes We are still working our way through the alphabet. For each letter your child will learn a song and
action to help them remember the sound the letter makes and will practice printing that letter. Each week we will
have activities around the letter of the week. I will also be sending home these songs for your child to practice at
home along with the videos on the class website. We will continue to work on cutting words into syllables and
will begin the practice starting and ending sounds. The ability to recognise how to blend syllables into a word is
our next step in phonological awareness and contributes to the understanding that language is composed of words,
syllables, rhymes and sounds (phonemes). We have been working on many themes in the last month but will
focus on the potatoes that we will be growing and have fun with St-Patricks day and Easter themed activities!
You can help at home by asking your child what they are learning about each week! Also, practice the letter
sounds with your child and identifying words that start or end with that letter when reading. You can also work
with your child in French or English and practice cutting the sounds in everyday words or choosing some
words to break down when reading. When reading you can read the words in cut up chunks and invite your
child to put the word back together (example: You say c-at and your child blends into cat)
La lecture Try to read to your child every day. One way to keep track of how much you are reading is to use the
reading ravens form provided by our school librarian.

Les sciences humaines et les sciences naturelles

Les science humaines We will be focusing on Science this month. See below for further information.
Les sciences naturelles We will be learning about plants and growing our own potatoes! We will also be
learning about farm animals, and the differences between them with a particular focus on the chicken life cycle
(this will enable us to become familiar with what a life cycle is before we study butterflies in April). You can help
at home by asking about the French vocabulary that your child has learned with regards to plants. You can ask
your child what is happening with our potatoes/potato plants!

Les mathmatiques
Les Formes et les mesures We have complete our unit on 2D and 3D shapes and measurement. We will be
going back to focusing on number sense up to 10 for the remainder of the year.
Le nombre We will be beginning our unit on number sense up to 10. Some activities will include number
representations, as well as activities which will initiate your child to addition and subtraction (these are known as
part-part-whole activities. 1 part + 1 part = the whole/ the whole - 1 part = 1 part). Please note that at this time we
do not want to expose students to addition formally but instead have them realise that one number can be
represented in two parts and that these parts can vary to make the same whole. The notion that you can change
numbers by adding or taking away is a very important concept to grasp in order for students to have a comfortable
sense of number going into grade 1. You can help at home by encouraging your child to count, and show number
representation on a daily basis. They wont even know they are reinforcing their learning because they will be so
proud to show you what they know!

Lducation Physique (PE)

We have begun a unit on gymnastics which will continue until Spring Break. Hopefully when we get back from
the break the nets will be up and we can begin our badminton unit. You can help by discussing the importance of
staying active and by asking what we have been doing in PE.

Daily Physical Activity

Riverdale has a daily physical activity time set aside most days for students to dance and move about with music
and the help of an older student leader. We also run a couple times per week to make sure we are staying healthy
and in shape!

La planification personnelle (Health and Career)

We will be learning more about health and safety later on.

Les arts plastiques

We will be creating artwork themed around St-Patricks day, Easter and farm animals. You can help at home by
encouraging you childs interest in arts and crafts and by asking what we are working on at school.

Field trips/special occasions:


Please ensure that your children have a full change of clothes at school. The weather tends to be very
damp at this time of year and many children are changing but not having replacement clothes sent back to
school for the next time a clothing change is needed. You can always check with me to see if your child
needs more clothing.

Class Calendar

March 4th Spirit Day: Dress like a royal!

March 4th Pizza Hot lunch day. Your child will receive their hot lunch if you have placed an order.
March 8rd 2nd report cards go out
March 9thth Show and Tell for Parents 2:45 to 3:15. Please call the office starting on March 2nd to
sign-up for 1 session.
March 10th Early dismissal at 1:30 for Show and Tell for Parents. Two sessions offered: one at 1:45
to 2:15 and one at 5:00 to 5:30. Please call the office starting on March 2nd to sign-up for 1 session.
March 11th Last day of school before Spring Break.
March 11th SOAR Assembly at 10:45 in the gym.
March 14th Spring break begins
March 29th - School re-opens after Spring Break. Welcome back!

Calling Parent volunteers!

Play dough I am looking for volunteers to make play dough for our return after spring break. Please e-mail me
if you can help out.
***Thank you to all the parents who have been helping out with materials, preparation work and
volunteering in the classroom. You are all so helpful and I could not do all of the fun projects we do without
your help. Merci!***
If you have any questions or comments. Please feel free to send me a note, talk to me after class or contact me by
e-mail at mcdonald_s1@surreyschools.ca. Please note that may not get around to responding to e-mails on a daily
basis so please be patient and I will try my best to respond within 48 hours. If you have something time sensitive
to communicate it is always best to give the school a call.

Thanks for reading!

Mme McDonald