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25th April 2016

The knowledge and skills that I have learned will not go to waste. My
immediate plans are to continue to develop exciting and dynamic lesson
plans for every aspect of the syllabus. In addition I would gladly share all the
knowledge that I have gained with my colleagues as we continue to strive to
improve our praxis and the value that our students get from their education.
I enjoy mentoring students and younger teachers and this program has
strengthened my arsenal so that I have even more to share. I know how
important mentorship is because I was fortunate enough to be mentored by
two exceptional teachers (Ms. Susan Cole and Mrs. B. Rennie). Their example
and guidance continue to be an inspiration to me even up to today.
Continuing my professional development is also important to me. I would like
to further my studies but the direction is still unclear. Until then I will
continue to look for new ways and strategies to improve and perfect my
practice as an educator.