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413 SECTION 1 . ENGINE P GENERAL DESCRIPTION =) ‘ “TROUBLESHOOTING FOR ENGINE CAUTIONS FOR HANDLING ‘The engine includes mary pacts which were cut and The endjine oyiinderS are identified byinumbers of No. grinded in the tolerance of 1/1000mm and it should be No.2, and No3(from the crank pulley side to flywheel hanatee with special caren terns OF cleanness upon” side) sepia ey 3 checking and repairingits inside parts. Itis importantto Bye ie keep the engine clean as a hatitual manner upon repairing ts processed-ara abraded suriace *+ Upon reassembly, apply erough engine oil on the abraded suriace for protactve lubrication. * Upon removing valves, pistons, piston rings, con eating rods, connecting ‘od bearings, cfanksha and jourral bearings, arrange it in order not to be confused when itis reassembled * Disconnect (—) cable from the batery before the ‘pair of engine to avoidthe possible damagesorithe ‘leotical pars or harness, 1. No.1 Cyinder 2. No2 Cyinder 3. No3 Cynder FIG. 1 1 NUMBERS OF CYLINDERS. 4 CAUTIONS FOR ENGINE INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE Keep the following cautions to prevent possible dam- age and obtain the best performance upon checking ‘and maintaining engine. + Keep the jack away from the bottom part of oil pan while supporting the engine. Due to the narrow gap betwee ollpan andi pump strainer, gettingthe jack touchedeil pan can cause damage to the strainorby direct contac. * Disconnect) cable of battery for sure upon engine work. ‘+ When to remove the air cleaner orintake manifold, install a protective cover on the intake to prevent the engine from foreign material input. If foreign materialis come into the cylinder throuch the intake manifold, it may cause a serious damage upon running engine CAUTIONS FOR FUEL SYSTEM INSPEC- TION AND MAINTENANCE + Work ina place with excellent ventiation and no fre source. No smokng is allowed. + When fastenthe plugbolt on the urion bolt such as fuelfiterunion bots, the gasket should be replaced with new one and tighten it with specified torque, + When tighten the fuel pipe flare nut, tighten it with hand first and then wi specified torque + The connecting methods of fuel hose depend upon the pipe types. Rofer to the msthoss stawn in the figure * Check the fuel system first for fuel leakage and then take the following procedures. + Apply the pressuira to the tuo! line by operating fuel pump in accordance with*On-carsewvicepracedures of fel pump’ + Check theleaking pointot tho fuel eyctomin this stato = Fate — | Astor the short pipe, insert the hose unti it contacts | | tome pipe | sing er Insert the hose up to the lug of pipe | Asforthe bentpipa, insertihe hose up tothe bentpant of the pipe. Joining length is about from 25mm to aoe 25-30mn Asfor the staightpipe, inser the hose wih the joinng longth of 25mm — 30mm VETTE, = F—f=— 25-30ern Clemo 37am FIG. 12 HOSE CONNE ron | 1-15 SSS ee a TROUBLESHOOTING FOR ENGINE Condition Probable Cause Correction Haid starting Malfunction of ignition system Replace Clean, adjust the plug gap oF replace (wih normal ranking) | + Fuse + Fauty spark plug + Electric leakage at high tension cord + Replace + Poo: connection of high tension cord orlead wires + Replace + Misadjustment of signal rotor air cap + Adjust ‘+ Improper ignition ming + Aajust + Fauty ignition col + Replace + Damage or loosening of distributor rotor and cap + Replace Malfunction of the fuel system + Lack of fuel in the fuel tank + Feed fuel + Diny or doggad tue! fiter + Replace + Clogged fuel pipe + Clean + Malfunction of fue! pump + Replace Low compression pressure * 5 | = Poo’ tightening spark plug or poor condition of + Tighten to the specified gasket torque or replace gasket + Inadequate valve clearance + Adjust = Leakage of valve seat + Repair seat Interference of vave siem Repair or replace valve or valve guide + Low elasticity or damage of valve spring + Replace + Leakage at cylinder head gasket _ + Replace + Abnormal interference or damage 6f pistons and cylinders | * Replace giston ring «+ Excessive wear o' pistons, rings, ard cyinders Replace rng ard piston ‘and boring or replace oylinder Others + Broken valve timing belt + Replace * Malfunction of P.C.V, valve + Check and replace it necessary + Loosening, damage or leakage of vacuum hese + Connect correctly or | replace the hose Lack of engne Low compression pressure | + See above | Power Malfunction of igntion system + Improperigaiton tming + Adjust + Fauky spark plug + Adjust orteplace + Distibutor | + Repar orreplace | including rotor + Eleatic leakage 01 poor connection of high tension + Replace or connect cord correctly + Malfunction of advance angle system. Adjust or teplace | Condition Probable Cause | Correction Lack of engine power Malfunction of fuel system + Clogged carburetor + Disessemble and clean + Clogged fuel ripe + Clean + Dirty or clogged ful fiter + Replace * Diy oF clogged aircleaner element + Repiace or clean + Poor intake manifold gasket + Replace Others. + Dragging brakes + Repair or replace * Slipping cutch * Adjust or replace + Poor qualty gasoline Rough engine Iding | Malfunction of fuel system * Carburetor is dirty and clogged * Disassemble and clean + Dirt and blocking in air clearer element Clean orroplace + Poor manifold, cylinder head gasket Repace Malfunction of ignition system + Malfunction of igniton system Adjust or replace + Electric leakage, poor connection of high tension card | + Replace or connect correctly + Abrasion of distributor rotor + Repace + Poor ignition timing + Adjust + Loosening or damage of distributor eap + Ropiace Low compression pressure See preceding page Others + Poor connection or camage or leakage of vacuum hose | + Replace or eannact correctly + Maltunction of P.C.V. valve + Cheok and replace it necessary Engine hesitate Malfunction of ignition system (Upon pressing |» Poor ignition timing | = Adjust accelerating peda, | + Poor spark plug, poor adjustment of plug gap | + Repiace, adjust the gap the engine makes | + Electric leakage, poor conection of high tension cord | + Replace or connect delayed response | Malfunction of fuel system correctly This situationis | + Malfunction of air leaner system + Clean or replace remarkable wen | » Leakage at manifold gasket + Replace cruising or staring) | Low compression pressure Engine Surging Malfunction of fuel system (Engine power + Clogged fuel fiter makes fluctuation in| + Clogged o damaged fuel hose or pipe afixed speedand | » Vacuum leakage at the intake passago. See preceding page Replace Clean or modity Repacegasketandtighten | speed changes bolts or ruts vnithout operating the | Malfunetion of ignition system. accelerating pedal) | + Improper ignition timing + Adjust + Malfunction of distributor advance angle system Check, replace if (govemer or vecuum advance angle system) necessary Hf 17 Condition Engine Surging (Engine power makes fluctuation in a fixed speed and speed changes without operating the accelerating pedal.) (According to the ‘opening range of throttle valve, knocking sound of motallc is, made with abnormal explosion.) Excessive detonation Probable Cause + Electiic leakage, poor connection of high tension cord + Malfunction of spark plug(excessive carbon doposit, inadequate gap, melted electrod) + Loosening or damage of distributor cap or rotor Low compression pressure others: + Leakage of vacuum hose ‘Overneated engine ‘Malfunction of ignition system + Abnormal spark plug + Poor ignition timing + Electtc leakage of hgh tension cord, poor connection Malfunction of fuel system * Blocking fuel fiter, fuel ine + Leakage at intake manifold gasket Others, + Excessive carbon deposit due to abnoml combuston Overheat Poor fuel concumpticn + Lack of coolant | ‘+ Malfunction of thermostat + Poor water pump performane Misagjustment o ignition timing Clogged cr leaky radiator * Poor engine of + Blocking oil fiter, stainer + Lack of ol! + Poor oil pump performanca | + Leakage of oll | + Dragging brakes + Slipping clutch + Damage of cylinder head gasket Fuel eyetem + Leakage of fuel + Clogged air cleaner alement ‘Malfunction of ignition system + Improper ignition timing | + Blecric leakage, por connection of high tension cord Correction Replace or connect correctly Replace Replace ‘See preceding page Replace or connact correctly See overheated engne section Replace Replace Adjist Replace or cannect carectly Roplace or clean Replace gasket Riemove carbon Refll Replace Replace Adjust Clean, repair, replace Replace with specified ona Replace or clean Rell Replace or repair Repair Repair or replace ‘Adjast or roplaco Replace Repair or replace Clean or replace Adjust Replace or connect corracty 4:18 Condition Probable Cause Correction Low fuel consumption + Abnoimal spark plug(excessive carbon deposit, inadequate gap, burnt electrode) + Malfunction of distributor acvance angle system (governor. vacuum advance angle systern) Low compression pressure + Replace + Check, replace nexessary + See preceding page Others + Apnoimal valve clearence + Adjust | + Sipping cutch + Agjust or replece | + Poor operation of thermostat + Replace | + Low pressure of tires + Adjust Excessive consumption | Leakage of oit of engine oil * Loosened oil drain plug * Tighten + Loosened ol pan bolt + Tighten + Leakoge st erankshatt ol seal + Replace + Leakage et cylinder head cover gasket + Replace + Loosenedil iter + Tighten + Loosened oil pressure switeh + Tehten + Damage cf cyinde: head gasket + Replace + Leakage of camshatt ail seal = Replace Low oil pressure il mixing in combustion chamber + Stuckpiston ring + Abrasion piston, cylinder + Abrasion of piston ring, ring groove + Inadequate postion of piston ring culting part + Abrasion or damage of valve system + Inadequate oil viscosity + Loosening of cil pressure switch + Lack of ol + Blocking cil strane + Lowered function of oll puma + Abrasion, damage of ol pump relief valve Engine noise Valve noise + Inadequate valve dearence + Abrasion of valve stem, guide + Malfunction of valvs epring Piston ting, cylinder noise + Abrasion of piston, ring or cylinder + Romeve carbon and replace piston ring + Boring or eplace + Pepiace piston, piston ing + Adjust the postion + Replace ‘+ oplace with the specifios + Tighten + Refill + Qean + Replace + Replace + Adjust + Replace = Replace + Boring or replace Condition Probable Cause Correction Engine noise Connecting rod noise + Abrasion of connecting bearing + Replace | * Abrasion of crank pin + Replace | + Loosened comecting rod nut + Replace Crankshaft noise + Low oil pressure + See preceding page + Abrasion of bearing + Abrasion of crankshaft journal + Loasened beering cap bolt * Excessive clearance ol crankshatt thrust bearing (end play) See preceding page Grind or replace Tighten to specified toque Adjust or replace sea