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Kurgan, 1

Rebecca Kurgan
Instructor: Cesar Melo
Math - 1010
April 23th, 2016

My Reflection on Math Class 1010

Math 1010 has been one of my most enjoyable but challenging classes that I have taken
at Salt Lake Community College. I have enjoyed my time learning different strategies and skills
of mathematics. The unique strategies and skills of mathematics that I learned will assist me
throughout my life and career. There are three main examples that I learned and will use
throughout my life and career. They are how to recognize and solve everyday life optimizing
problems that involve linear inequalities, valuable skills from the peer group projects, and
graphing quadratic equations.
What I learned from this class was how to take mathematics and collaborate the skills to
assist me with real-world optimizing problems. This class gave me the confidence to learn new
mathematic skills and the class lectures were clear and precise. The lectures and instructions
helped me understand that there are different kinds of mathematics skills depending on different
situations. The beginning of the class was challenging for me but as class continued throughout
the semester I felt more comfortable with solving equations and concurring the assignments.
Because of the new strategies and skills that I learned in this class, I am now able to set up a
criteria to my mathematics skills and I will be able to utilize them every day.

Kurgan, 2

Understanding linear inequalities is understanding other formats of mathematics.

Learning inequalities is learning step by step equations that involve linear expressions. The peer
group exercise in Math 1010, The Optimizing an Advertising Campaign, was one of the most
enjoyable learning exercises that I have participated in this semester. This exercise taught me
how real-world mathematic applications involve linear inequalities every day. Linear
programming is a technique used for optimization of a real-world situation. A number of people
can be reached by an advertising campaign. A wide variety of ad campaigns use the method of
linear programming to reach a large group of people.
I learned new ways and different styles of optimizing problem strategies from my peers.
Engaging in the class activities and working as a group helped me discover how to learn new and
different math skills. I felt more comfortable and confident as the peer groups continued
throughout the semester. I made new friends and learned how to work collaboratively on the
math group projects. The group activity exercise assignments bring people together. This was a
great assignment to end the semester. All classmates came together in different groups and
supported each other within their own group and other groups. Our group had very productive
conference workshops and discussions about the assignment. The group worked very well
together and we learned from each other.
Math 1010 was a great class to attend and I am extremely satisfied with all of the
information that I have learned. The class exercises and instructions taught me many new things
about mathematics, but the most important aspect of the class was that I had fun learning the new
information. Instructor Cesar Melo made the class a very comfortable and a successful learning
atmosphere. The class had a full attendance for every lecture. I have already recommended this
class to my friends. I recommended them to take Math 1010, taught by Instructor Cesar Melo.

Kurgan, 3

Math 1010 has helped me become better in learning new strategies and skills of mathematics,
and gave me confidence to continue forward to enroll in Math 1050.