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Weekly newsletter of


Website: www.tootps.vic.edu.au
Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 11 28th April,

Wednesday 18th May
Friday 10th June
Monday 13th June

Last Monday approximately 20 of our

students and parents represented our
school at the annual Anzac Day march
and service in Rye. On behalf of our
school community, our school
captains, Mia Taylor and Bailey
German, laid a beautiful gold and
green wreath recognising the sacrifices
made by Australian men and women
during past and present conflicts.
Thank you to our students and their
families for their support on this
important day

District Cross Country

Curriculum Day
Queens Birthday Public Holiday


On Friday the senior students rotated throughout different spelling related activities for the Spellathon. The
grade 3 undercover area was turned into a
chalk filled graffiti of spelling words. The
children from each group chose one word to
cover with 5 cent coins as well, which on its
own raised $38! I think the children enjoyed
the spelling activities. Thanks to all who
participated and dressed up, collected
sponsors and remembered to bring along their
5cent coins.

Tootgarook Community Market thankyou to our market helpers from last Saturday l
Nathan Opie, Karen Woodford, Georgie + Michael Tracy, Dianne McKenzie,
Andrew Wallace, Mandy Bos, Nat Quintin, Kerry + Kayley Hazendonk, Keala
Jacobson, Christin Young, Chelsea McGhee, Gary Barrett, Larry Peterson, Sandra
Walton, Kirsty+ Max Holbery, Isak Young, Bailey German, Sarah Wallace. Our
next market will be 28th May with 2B + 2J rostered on.

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.
Prep R Mrs Read Riley Leonard I am so impressed by the progress you have made in your spelling and
your writing is amazing! Well done Riley.
Prep S Miss Staley Gabriel Stagni - Wow Gabriel, your English has improved so much this term! You have
learnt many new words and use them daily. I'm so proud of your effort, keep up the terrific work!
1A Miss Arnold Molly Clarke - for exploring and using different mental strategies to solve addition
equations during Maths. Molly is able to explain her thinking and has even taught her class members different
ways to find answers to problems. You are a Maths Wiz!
1P Miss Perkins Kayla Opie - Congratulations for demonstrating Integrity when learning the 100 words for
the Spellathon over the last month. You managed to get 99 of them correct and I bet you will never ever forget
how to spell the word water! Well Done Kayla!
2B Mrs Baird Kaiden Woulfe always keen to have a go at everything and to do his best. Kaiden works
towards his goals with much diligence.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Destany Watkins - Congratulations Destany, on scoring a well-deserved 100 on our
Spellathon. Destany has also continued to demonstrate great kindness to others and is a great support for
younger students.
3B Mrs Bos Michelle Muchai for her great demonstration of team work when discussing roles for the
Hooded Plover play.
3W Ms Walton Alexandra Baldwin for her fantastic attitude to learning. Alex always works really hard
and should be very proud of herself.
4B Miss Broomfield Tahlia Heylbut for always trying her best in all activities. You complete your work to
high standard and should feel very proud! Well done!
4F Miss Kain Paige Wood for her positive attitude and her wonderful smiling face. Youre doing a great
job Paige. Well Done!
4/5K Mr Kitchin Cooper Strohfeldt your imagination, positive attitude and willingness to learn is truly
impressive. Keep up the great work.
5/6M Miss McGhee Shelby Legh - For always completing her homework to the best of her ability. Every
week I can rely on you to impress me with your entire page covered with your spelling words. Keep up the great
work Shelby!
5/6Q Miss Quintin To the whole of grade 5/6Q for being a wonderfully co-operative, enthusiastic, fun
grade Mrs Clements
Art / Craft Miss Davey Music - Mrs Young Emmie-Li Moylan 4F you are making great progress in your piano/singing lessons
improving all the time. You are in general highly involved in the Music program at Tootgarook and a joy to
P.E. Miss Daley Brock Tocknell- 5/6M super effort in the cross country this week Brock! Fantastic to see
you trying your hardest, and pushing yourself- Great work!

Raffle tickets are being sent home today to each child in our school The
prize is one of the pushcarts used last year at RACV Maryborough money
raised will go towards sponsorship of Tootstars 2016 Tickets are $1.00
each to be returned by Monday 9th May winner will be drawn at Assembly
on Thursday 12th May.

House Cross Country Tuesday 27th April 2016

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the House Cross Country! It was fantastic to see all the
house colours represented. All students who participated in the event
received points for their house. The winning house will be announced at
assembly on the 5th May. A big thank-you to all the staff who assisted
me throughout the day. We couldnt have asked for the weather to be
any better!
Below is a list of the students who have qualified for District Cross
Country to be held on 18th May. It is an expectation that all students
qualified will attend a minimum of one Running Club Training per week.
Running Club is held on a Tuesday and a Thursday from 8-8.45am on the
school oval. Congratulations to all students who qualified, well done.
Any questions regarding District and/or Running Club please contact the school on 03 5985 2864
Thank-you, Bree Daley PE Teacher








Miah Taylor
Trista Norman
Sarah Wallace
Charlee Russell
Bailey German
Josh Stirling
Max Gower
Brayden Sadik-Hardwidge
Riley Plant
Oliver Humble
Ingka Mears
Charli Kelly
Chelsea Conduit
Sophie Papadopoulos
Eloise Read
Mia Goldberg







Jarvis Swaby
Niall Harbour
Noah Davies
Zac Kent
Hazel Read
Amity Bickley
Emmie Li Moylan
Ashtyn Williams
Hani Mears
Charli Vis
Jack Stirling
Dee Jay Watkins
Tristan Symons
Brooklyn Llewellyn
Jordan Carver
Max McIntosh
Ike Taylor

Tootgarook Wetland Education Program 2016

Our Junior School Councillors will be involved in this program over the next 5 weeks. The first two workshop
will be held at school beginning tomorrow - Friday 29th April. The next three will be held at
Tootgarook Wetlands.
The aim of this program is to engage local students in the environmental significance of the
Tootgarook Wetlands. The students will become Junior Environmental Scientists and learn
about the wetlands through practical workshops to learn about environmental monitoring.
Students will learn how to test water quality and identify local animals. Students are expected
to share this new knowledge to others at school through assemblys, class presentations,
posters or displays. The students will gain new experiences in sustainability and scientific
investigation skills. They will develop a passion and empathy for their local environment.
Through engaging the students in their local environment, we aim to raise the profile and community
perceptions of the Tootgarook Wetlands.