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United States History

Desert Vista 2015-2016

Thomas Bieksha
Course Description
This junior level U.S. History course will follow the standards and guidelines outlined by the
Arizona Department of Education. Specifically the standards relating to social studies and AZ
college career and readiness standards. There will be a wide range of resources used in order to
cover all these standards and develop both as scholars and historians.
We will explore the many topics in U.S. History through the use of films, articles, lectures,
classwork, homework, test, essays, and a research project. Film list and parent/guardian release
form to follow.
To be brought to class everyday:

Good attitude
Open mind

Grade Scale
A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = 59% or below
Attendance and Participation
I invite, welcome, and expect your participation in this learner centered class. Indeed, the success
of this class depends upon you and your contribution. To fully participate, it is important that you
come to each class on time, having read the materials and completed your reading responses.
Your participation will be judged on your attendance, preparedness, contributions (as an active
listener and vocal contributor), and collaboration with other students. Daily participation points
are awarded, so you must be in class and contributing in order to receive these points.
If you are absent and miss work, you have as many days as you missed to turn in the work from
that missed day. If absent on a test day, a different exam will be administered the next day you a
present in class. If you know in advance you will be missing a class, it is your job to contact me
before, as the work will be due upon your return.

Class Expectations/Rules
1. RESPECT for others property, feelings, thoughts, ideas, work, etc.
2. Always back up your opinion or statement with fact!
3. Follow all school and district policies in your student handbook.
Late Work
Late work is accepted, however the work must be turned in prior to the unit exam the work
belongs to. All late work is accepted with a maximum grade of 70% possible.
Contacting Me
Any student or parent/guardian may contact me through email. Please allow a full business for a
response from me. If your inquiry require extra attention, I will touch base to let you know where
I am in the process of fixing your issues periodically. Students in addition can come see me
before or after class, at lunch, and before or after school to discuss anything they like.
Phone calls and in person conferences are available upon request.

*Please hold onto this and this syllabus could be changed throughout the semester*