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Lesson Plan Form

Name: Sara Baker

Lesson #: 3Lesson Title: Location, Climate, Resources, Oh My!
Time (Class Period) Lesson 3 of learning segment
Central Focus

Impact of location, climate, physical characteristics, natural resources, and population distribution on Latin
America and the Caribbean.
Instructional Focus
What do I know about my students that will inform this lesson?
How does this lesson connect with and build on the previous lesson(s)?
Standards Addressed
Common Core/Georgia Performance Standards
oSS6G3- Impact of location, climate, physical characteristics, natural resources, and population distribution

on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Learning Objectives/Learning Targets
The student will identify location,climate,physical
characteristics,natural resources, and population
distribution of Mexico.
The student will demonstrate ability to locate appropriate
information of individual countries.
The student collaborate and design final project.

Guided notes and
observation during
classroom discussion.
Research handout and
observation during
computer time.
Final project and
presentation on countries.

Academic Language/Language Function Objectives
o location,climate,physical characteristics,natural resources, population distribution,
o observation, guided notes, research handout, final presentation

Instruction Strategies and Learning Tasks (Procedures & Timelines)

Instructional Strategies/Learning Tasks
Begin with the first three minutes of the
Hook for upcoming
National Geographic video about Latin America
and Caribbean to introduce students to the
Begin mini lesson on location, climate, physical
Fulfillment of the
characteristics, natural resources and
standard. Guided notes
population distribution using the power point of help retain knowledge
and act an
Have students fill in their guided notes along
accountability measure.
with the presentation and discussion.




Describe research activity.

Portion out countries for the web quest. Three
students for eachBrazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru,
Chile, Barbados, El Salvador, Jamaica, Costa

Students begin their research on their

appointed country.

Students will take what

they have learned and
apply it to a specific
country. Three students
have the same country
so that after they have
individually researched,
they can collaborate and
create a final product to
present to the class as a
final assessment.
This will aid students
towards finding the
information for their
presentation. Promotes
collaboration and
inquiry based learning.

Instructional Strategies/Learning Tasks

Student Supports
o List what you are using to support student learning/organization.
Guided notes
Materials and Resources
Handouts & PowerPoints
Guided Notes,Web Quest worksheet, PowerPoint
Materials needed in class
Osmart board, computers for all students
o What worked and for whom? Why?
o What didnt work and for whom? Why?
o What are instructional next steps based on the data from this plan?


Name: ____________________
Fill in the blanks of your new vocabulary words. Under each word, add an example from our
mini lesson on Mexico. This will help you with your next assignment.

1. Location- a particular ____________ or _____________.


2. Climate- the _____________ conditions of an area in general

or over _______________.
3. Physical Characteristics- make up the _______________
habitat. They include ____________ forms, bodies of
___________, _______________, soils, natural ________________
and ______________ life.

4. Natural Resources- _____________ or substances such as

minerals, forests, ___________, and fertile ____________ that
occur in _____________ and can be used for economic gain.

5. Population Distribution- _____________ of where people


Latin America and Caribbean Research:

Directions: After you have received your country, follow these links to
find the information you need to answer the questions! After you
have had enough time to research, you will gather in groups to
compare your answers. Good luck, explorer!
Follow the link to this website:
My country:

Where is my country located?

What is the climate?

What are the physical characteristics?

What natural resources does my country have?

What is the population distribution?