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Jasmin Ruiz

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Matt Stockett; English 2010

E-Portfolio Assignment
Due: 04/29/2016

In writing my profile paper on the Controversial Effects on the Family Due to
Immigration I was able to extend my knowledge on the subject. My only knowledge I had
before writing this paper was the controversial effects immigration had on families. But by doing
more in depth research I learned that statics in which men represent the majority of the
immigration population. I also feel that by writing this paper I was able to give a different output
on a different type of immigration subject. Not the usual one thats always being discussed by the
presidents, candidates, or the people in which its about giving the illegal immigrants papers. I
enjoyed writing my profile paper because I was able to extend my knowledge and also share my
knowledge and personal experience I already had on the subject. It was a great way to start my
chain of research papers.
In writing my proposal paper based off why Planned Parenthood shouldnt be defunded, I
have gained more knowledge on the subject and feel I can state my opinions and reasons more
strongly on why I believe it shouldnt be defunded. By doing more in depth research on this
subject I educated myself more in seeing their financial reports and their statics on how many
people they served and helped in sexual and reproductive health care and education. I have gain
more confidence in what I had already believed in, and have more facts then personal opinions in
which to defend what I believe in.
English 2010 has been a very interesting class for me this semester, it wasnt like any
other English classes I have take in college. In English 2010 I learned the importance on
organizing your research and how your research is affected by the type of audience you choose. I

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also learned to discuss my points of views in different forms, for example: Stating my position,
agree to disagree, and simply just inform the audience what our subject is about. Now doing
research papers doesnt seem too bad because I have understood on how to organize myself
better and to stick to s certain type of research. I also feel more confident in stating my thesis
statement. I enjoyed this class very much, I enjoyed being with my fellow peers, as well as the
conversations and your learning technique. I felt that by engaging as a whole class and having
discussions helped my learning ability as well as being involved in the class. It is safe to say this
has been my favorite class so far in the 2 years I have been in college. I will miss everyone, the
discussions we had, and of course my teacher. I am ending English 2010 with more knowledge
then what I had before and great memories as well.

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Proposal Argument
Everyone is able to have their own opinions or points of view, many times when someone
tries to explain their point of view it can be for two reasons. One, they just want you to see
another point of view besides your own, that way you can see beyond your opinion. The second
is that they want to give their point of view, to see if they are able to change your opinion/point
of view on the subject. I understand that many people dislike Planned Parenthood because of the
abortion services they provide. But in my point of view there is more to Planned Parenthood then
just that one service they provide. In my opinion, Planned Parenthood may have its flaws but
they provide many other good services that many women of all ages are very thankful for.
Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that has been around since 1916. Planned
Parenthood does research and gives advice on contraception, family planning and reproductive
problems. They are also known to be very economical for those who have low income, and for
those teens that are in need of help. They also offer: STD/STI testing and treatment, Abortion
Services, Cancer Screening and Prevention, Contraception, and other womens health services.
According to Planned Parenthood, for 97 years they have been one of the nations leading
providers of high-quality, affordable health care for women, men, and young people with
education, information, and services needed to make responsible choices about sex and
reproduction They have provided 4,665,000 women, men, and young people worldwide with
sexual and reproductive health care and education. 2,840,000 people were served yearly by
Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers in the U.S. and 1,100,000 people were served with
their educational programs. There are 68 Planned Parenthood affiliates (with a presence in all 50
states and the District of Columbia) and there are more the 700 Planned Parenthood affiliate
health cares. Their percentage of health care patients is: 83% health care patients ages 20-83,

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79% with incomes at or below 1150 percent of the federal poverty level, and finally 75% receive
services to prevent unintended pregnancies (Planned Parent by the Numbers PDF file). As you
can see from the statistics, Planned Parenthood has helped and been a support many people.
For that reason and many others, thats why I support Planned Parenthood, and why I
believe it shouldnt be defunded. Many people argue that it should be defunded because of the
abortion services that they provide. I acknowledge that for many people that service is
horrifying, but I also believe that those people who have opinions against abortion should also
keep in mind that there are many people who think differently. There can be people who believe
that abortion isnt a bad thing but that in a way it is good; or there can be other people who
simply believe that abortion can be good depending on the situation.
In 2015, there was a huge controversy that began against Planned Parenthood, when
anti-abortion activists release videos purporting to show executives from the national Planned
Parenthood allegedly discussing selling fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood has claimed the videos
have been heavily edited, are misleading and no illegal conduct took place (Fox 13). States all
over the world are angered because of this video that was released, which has lead to the long
battle of whether planned parenthood should be defunded or not.
However, my focus isnt to discuss whether abortion is wrong or not but to simply state
that I believe Planned Parenthood shouldnt be judged by the one service they offer, and have all
the other good services they also offer be forgotten. Instead I believe that the government should
look for different ways to solve this problem, so both the people who are against Planned
Parenthood, and those who arent can be satisfied.
According to the most recent data that is available as of June 30, 2014 from Planned
Parenthoods own annual report and information required to share with the IRS. Planned

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Parenthood around the country received about $528.4 million in government funds which is a
combination of state, federal and sometimes local government dollars. Another 305.3 million
came from nongovernment sources; the money received by private donors and foundations that
made banquets and contributions was about $257.4 million. The annual financial report, reported
that 42% went to STI/STD testing and treatment, 1% other services, 3% abortion services, 9%
cancer screening and prevention, 11% other womens services, and finally 34% contraception
(Janell Ross). Based off this data, you can see where the organization is getting the money and
where its being spent on. In which it uses the money mainly towards STI/STD testing and
For my proposal, I believe by using that statics on how much Planned Parenthood is
given by the government and what they spend it on, they can monitor Planned Parenthood more
closely. If Planned Parenthood is indeed, selling fetal tissue and unborn baby parts, the
government should be able to detect a change in their financial report. In some states abortion
services are legal so theres no need to defund or keep a look out on Planned Parenthood, but for
those states that abortion isnt legal, they can continue funding Planned Parenthood, but keep a
look out for what the money is being spent on and have surprise inspection every now and then.
In conclusion, Planned Parenthood is an important organization, and has helped many
women of all ages with the services they provide. That is why I believe that instead of people
trying to defund Planned Parenthood, they should fight for there to be changes in the Planned
Parenthood organization. There can be many solutions to the abortion problem, it isnt necessary
for the whole organization to lose the government support. Its like when a person has an
addiction problem, many people believe by simply putting them in rehab and leaving them there
will help solve the persons problem. If a person has an addiction problem, yes many times its

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necessary for them to go to rehab, but they also need the support of their family, in order to get
better. By defunding Planned Parenthood, it can mean taking the support it gives to women of all
ages that are in need of it. Dont try to erase the whole equation when there is an answer to the

Ruiz 7

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Ruiz 8

Controversial Effects on the Family Due to Immigration

Have you ever stopped to think the sacrifices families make when loved ones immigrate
to another country? The struggles people go through to help their families survive, the feelings of
abandonment children feel at times? Or even the marriages and families that are torn apart? Im
sure many of you have heard the saying never judge a book by its cover. Many people judge
right off the bat about the reasons why people immigrate to another country; they fail to see
whats behind the action of immigrating to another country. Things are never what they appear to
There are many cases and different reasons why one member of the family decides to
immigrate to the U.S, but the majority of the time it is because they want to improve their and
their loved ones lives. Coming from a Mexican heritage, I have frequently heard the phrase me
voy para el otro lado, Im going to the other side. This special phrase unites two sides: the
migrants and the family left behind. The migrants leave their country and family with a positive
attitude, full of good intentions, and big dreams for themselves and their families. They promise
many good things, despite their sadness of being separated from their loved ones. Likewise,
families left behind stay with a good state of mind and hopeful, putting their life expectations in
the hands of the migrants.
In my parents community, individuals frequently immigrate to America. It would
mostly be fathers and older sons, instead of mothers or daughters because within the traditional
Mexican family, the mother has to stay home to care for their children. As well as it being a sign
of the mothers love, trust, affection, and understanding towards the husband and family. Men
represent the majority of immigration population Men represent 57 percent of the unauthorized
immigration population in 2008, while women accounted for 52 percent of the 45 and older age

Ruiz 9

groups (Persaud, para. 5). Because the fatherand some cases the sonsfeel the responsibility
to support the family economically as well as looking for the well being of his family; as a result,
in majority of these cases The initial separation experienced by the family unit occurs when the
father makes the initial trip to the United States (Partida).
Ive been in a situation where my aunts husband had to migrate to the U.S. for economic
reasons leaving my aunt and their four kids behind in my parents country. At first, because I was
very young, I couldnt see all the cons that it brought. I would go by what was said most that he
would work in the U.S. for a couple of years, pay off the debit that they owed and then come
back. But time can be your worst enemy As I got older I began to see all the struggles my aunt
would go through because of the lack of having my uncle by her side. I saw how it was harder
for her to raise my four cousins on her own, but besides it being tough on her, it was also tough
on her kids. The oldest male had to pick up some tough responsibilities at a very young age to
support his mom. The second child was a girl and she also had to pick up some responsibilities,
she would watch over her two younger brothers, would cook, and clean. In her mind she felt like
she was Cinderella. Lastly the two younger kids didnt have many memories with their father.
Now my uncle has been in California for almost nine years. Its been nine years since my aunt
and their four kids have seen him. My family, as well as my grandma, and other relatives
observed how my aunt and her kids wish their father would come back, despite the good
communication between them. Weve also observed that my aunt has tried in many different
ways to convince my uncle to return. She has tried buying a farm, tractor, lands and even
threatening my uncle that she will leave him. But none of her ideas have worked so far.
On the other hand, weve also observed how my uncle has been working hard to send
money to his family. With time hes gotten a better position in his job, making it more difficult

Ruiz 10

for him to leave. Accordingly, my uncle in all this time that he has been in California has related
well in his job and has been earning good money. As a result, he doesnt want to go back even
though he misses his family a lot. Although he misses his family, his argument on not wanting to
return is that in Mexico, Im not going to find a job like the one I have over here, much less one
that pays the same. Perhaps, in some ways he is right.
With time, my aunt was able to get visas for her and her family to go visit my uncle. My
aunt had very high hopes that if my uncle would see and be with his family after a long time of
being separated, he would realize that he no longer wishes to be away from them and decides to
return to his home country. But once again she was wrong, with them going to visit my uncle; he
sees it has an advantage that his family can visit him now without him having to migrate back to
his country.
This is only one specific case, but like this one there are many others. When a family lacks
the basic necessities, the male members of the family wouldnt think twice about immigrating to
the United States. Whether they become an immigrant for the reason to look for improvement in
their own lives or loved ones. They fail to see that the same way they can improve their lives and
their loved ones. They can also destroy their families or themselves because of the distance and
time. Time is a precious thing because it slips away so fast that many dont see how fast it really
goes. It starts with one day going to the next, weeks and then months, and finally years go by just
like that. But my question is. Is it worth making the sacrifice of separating yourself from your

Ruiz 11

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