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Civil Fernandez

April 30, 2016

English 1A
Essay #4

Effects of War on Children

Today in the United States most people ignore the effects of war on children. Throughout
239 years of the United States being founded in 1776, America has been at war for 222 of those
years. (Infowars) This creates a huge gap of danger to children whether it is indirectly or directly.
War is very powerful and it can cause real damage to societies, more so America has created a
93% chance for an American to be effected by War. (Infowars) It is obvious to say that children
who are living War everyday are deeply more effected, but it is surprising to see that 1 billion
children are living in war-affected countries almost a sixth of the total global population, 300
million of who are under the age of 5. (WarChild) Children are young, innocent and vulnerable
and it is unfortunate to find that directly or indirectly these humans are effected socially,
emotionally and physically through the events caused by War.
War can directly effect in ways on injure, death, fighting, bombing, and direct gunfire
which can have consequences of PTSD and other emotional and physical suffrages. Compared to
being indirectly effective in ways such as creating poverty, inadequate hospitals, inadequate
healthcare, malnutrition, and other societal problems.(WarChild) Overall War is argued to be
directly affected to children who live it daily and indirectly affective to those children who are
apart from War.

Those children who face War every day, personally see the hardest moments in their lives
through the times of war. The war has become a big negative effect on the physical health of
children. It some cases it effects the lack of food and Healthcare during the war and therefore
cause sicknesses and poor living. Compared to those who dont live in War everyday still
suffered from poverty, inadequate hospitals, healthcare, malnutrition, and infectious diseases.
(WarChild) In more detail Meier explains in how children are possible to exhibit food hoarding
behaviors due to the long periods of time without eating. (Meier, 1) The children who lived it
every day had moments within the war that children would go days without food of water.
Without having a place to clean yourself up or get yourself a good cooked meal it became deadly
to the poor children, more so the younger. Physical traumatic experiences such as seeing a death,
or losing a family member can cause great damage to a child life. For an example children dont
have all the tools to provide for themselves and its unfortunate when a mother passes and the
child is suffering physically without food, water, or a family. Children are effected by the war
emotionally and physically both indirectly and directly.
Through War it is sad to say that all children can be easily effect by the physical events
that occur in War. Children are directly physically effected with what the traumatic events they
have witnessed during war. They are exposed to violence daily during times of open conflict and
always have the fear of a new attack. The effect of this environment on everyone, especially
young children can be psychologically devastating. According to Purwar, They need someone to
take them in and take care of them. Children are lost, scared and devastated to find out they have
no family to care for them. Children are weak because just like a gang, takes advantage of that
vulnerability, they have recruited new, loyal members for their group. (Purwar, 7) Children are
young and are like a sponges, they will see and believe anything that comes there way. It is

depressing to find that children in War areas are taught in an early age how to handle a gun and
also be a part of drug trafficking. These children have no choice they are being controlled, and
this can take big negative affect on their lives psychologically. Like said that children are like
sponges, Americans have a different outlook on War. They believe they need to fight for the
country and represent their country and not always is that safe.
Although might some argue how children can be effected by War if they are not apart of
it, through the mental thoughts that comes from the emotions cause by the traumatic events that
heard from others or seen on media. Media is the number one source that causes trauma to
children who are indirectly effected by War. It is the news that can at time be incorrect of giving
false information that can cause dangerous events to occur internally.
Children who do not face War everyday but are aware of the events occurring are still
argued to be effected by war. Researchers found that harmful effects come from watching
violence on television. It is found by Dr.Kunkel that childrens learning of aggressive attitudes
and behaviors; desensitization, or an increased callousness towards victims of violence; and
increased or exaggerated fear of being victimized is created with being involved with violence or
being aware of the events that are occurring. The consequences of being involved with the
activity of War is just as dangerous as another child that is directly witnessing the events that
occur. This is causing a suffrage in a childs life socially. Children suffer from fitting in the
norm and things such as being weird or different can really make a negative impact of a
childrens life and possibly take a life. It is argued that the consequences that rise from war make
a dangerous effect even on children that dont live it up close every day.
As for the children in a non-war zone it is a bit different how they are physically effected.
It is surprising know that children are very likely to also get PTSD even those who are not living

War every day. It is argued that PTSD comes from daydreaming of dreams. As Americans dont
face War directly they are still expose to the effects and dangers therefore they have PTSD from
the worries and stress of the cause of War and not only the direct impact.
Although PTSD is a psychological disorder it has many connections to the emotional
effects that occur due to traumatic events that occur during or away from war. While humans
have PTSD it affects there everyday life, thinking, and feelings. Emotionally all sliders are
damaged, its the control of the pain and support that is needed to recover. According to Health
Guidance the suffering will often recall or experience trauma of war, perhaps in a dream of
Hallucination which is very normal as a solider. Events such as Hallucinations, day dream,
nightmares, visions and etc. occur mostly when sleeping, drunk or on drugs. The times that these
events occur is when a child has heard t much information being given or even on media. Media
is a dangerous source for children because false information can be given or there can be false
accusations being made. As for children all there post-traumatic stress comes from imaginary
In 2011, According to child protective services of the Unites States out of 6.4 million
referrals of PTS it was found that 75% suffered form neglect, 15% suffered from physical abuse,
and 10% suffered from sexual abuse (PTSD). This proves why children are effected emotional
by the traumatic events that are due to or come from War. Children are fragile and not like
soldiers they are warned from these type of events occurring, soldiers are aware of the obstacles
that will be face other than children they dont know if mom or dad will make it back home.
Although children are not directly involved with War they are still effected great b the events
occurring, the people there losing and the other aspects that affect them emotionally. Children are
measured to get PTSD and other emotional effects are based off of personality, family history,

mental health issues, social support, childhood experiences, current stressors, and traumatic
events. It is obvious when a child needs to be diagnose. Family member, teacher or close
relatives will quickly find that the child is suffering emotionally due to the traumatic events that
occur during or because of war.
PTSD being more common in solider there is another term used specifically for children.
Reports suggest that elementary children dont experience flashback or amnesia for aspects of
the trauma like adults do. They experience something call time skew or omen formation.
According to researchers Time skew refers to a child miss-sequencing trauma-related events
when recalling the memory. Omen formation is a belief that there were warning signs that
predicted the trauma. Children in grade school are also know to show posttraumatic play or
reenactment of trauma in play, drawings and verbalizations. There is a major difference
Posttraumatic play is different from reenactment in that posttraumatic play is a literal
representation of the trauma, involves compulsively repeating some aspect of the trauma, and
does not tend to relieve anxiety. (PTSD) This is showing the evidence in how children are
effected emotionally and how they share it in there emotional and daily activities.
Children from all ages are effected by the war, whether it is closely in there experience,
or through stories told by families that made a big impact on their lives. As children grow up
there is more exposure to the effects of war. It is found that among 14-17 year old girls 18.7 have
experienced attempted assault and more than half witnessed parental assault. With the statistic it
shows that the age frame 14-17 years old is the most effected age from trauma of war. Other than
PTSD there are millions of different psychiatric disorders that are commonly found is children
and adolescents who have been traumatized. The major psychiatric disorder that follows children
effected by war is major depression. Also studies find that those children are also involved with

substance abuse, externalizing disorders such as attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder,

oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. (ptsd.va.gov)
Following studies children that are also indirectly being effected by War are also involved
in the negative drug usage and other narcotics. For an example although they dont have the
personal experiences to rewind in their head they also loose family member that are a big part of
their lives, this can also cause drug use due to the loss of family member of friend. Children are
effected mentally long term and short term through the experiences cause by War. One of the
greatest damages is mentally on any human being involved with the War. Mental issues have
many similarities with the physical and emotional aspect of effected children of war. Children
who are exposed to violent conflict and struggle take years maybe a lifetime to recover. Example
those children who were involved with refugee camps reveal that they are exposed to everyday
depression, anxiety, hopelessness, grief, resentment, anger, and fear among war-affected
children.(PTSD) In order for a child to build his personal back major counselling and
intervention support is needed. All the support and love that can be given to these children are
needed because due to traumatic events these children are effected mentally.
Overall through proving that all children are affected by War it is realized that it is not the
measure of the impact being affected but it is the overall message being given. Every child that
lives through War whether it is indirectly or directly and interprets War differently. Some may
have the aggression towards War and want nothing to do with it. And others take the anger and
place replace it with wanting to fight and be apart of the war. It is interesting to see the cycle that
those who are indirectly affected are more in favor of war then those who are effected directly
are damaged greatly and want no part of War. It is unfortunate to say in todays day no children

that are not being directly affect care much about what is going on with war. It can be healthy not
to know everything but it can be useful to know the events that are changing your society.
In conclusion, children are effected mentally, physically, and emotionally through the
traumatic experiences of war. Specifically children are more drown to being highly effect due to
their age and weaknesses. Children minds are not fully developed therefore the information
being dissolved is negatively affected all aspects. This can effect there growth, there mental
thought, learning abilities, interest in life goals, and etc. Everyday our world is becoming more
and more of an increasingly violent world. The nature of war is changing and it is presenting
terrifying new dangers for children. According to WarChild civilians particularly women and
children are often targeted with extreme violence to inflict maximum casualties and terrorize
Before researching this topic it was obvious that children arent affect by war, well at
least I thought so. It is amazing to find some much research and time put into the effects that
happen to children after war. I put myself in the position of a child that has lost a family member,
or seen a death up close, or even didnt have a parent come home from war. All of these events
are imaginable to be damaging and its unfortunate that we dont take it the times and
consideration for these children. I am a child of the Unites States that was not directly affected
by the War and its fortunate I didnt suffer from any of these consequence but I do wish I was
more aware sooner. I believe not only negativity comes from War but also some great lessons
that can be used in life As Mencius explains if it is nor in there interested of it does not affect
them it is not cared for. Therefore those who are affected by the War choose to be unless forced
to. It is argued that children internationally are effected by War both indirectly and directly
effecting there world physically, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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