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Sarah Pereira

March 28, 2016

LS 4001
Lesson Study Essay
Lesson studies have played a big part in my understanding of understanding of what goes
on in a classroom. They allow for us preservice teachers to go into a classroom to see how an
experienced teacher or sometimes student teacher follows the TPEs or teacher performance
assessments. Its a great learning experience for observation as well as reflection. This lesson
study was in a fourth/fifth combination classroom with English learners. It was a language arts
lesson focused on slavery specifically the slave trade. The TPEs in focus are 1,7, and 11. TPE 1
focuses on specific pedagogical skills for teaching reading and language arts. TPE 7 focuses on
teaching English language learners, which I already mentioned are in the class. The last TPE is
11 and focuses on social environment. While not a TPE we observed for, the lesson also had a
great deal of technology integration, which I really enjoyed seeing. The teacher exemplified
many of the expectations but I have only chosen to focus on one or two for each TPE.
The first is TPE 1 for reading and language art. The first strategy I have focused on is
number 12. This strategy is about the integration of media and technology in the classroom. The
teacher is expected to provide students with the opportunity to use and evaluate the strengths and
limitations of using them as tools in the classroom. Since we are observing towards the end of
the year the students have already had much experience using technology in the classroom. Each
student has a chromebook that they will use throughout the lesson. The teacher told us at the
beginning of the year she goes through a tech bootcamp with the class to teach them how to
properly use and care for their chromebook as well as her expectations for them. As part of using

the chromebook the teacher uses Google classroom as a tool. It allows her to share documents
and pictures with the class and communicate with them. The materials they needed to look at for
this lesson was on the chromebook for the students to refer to. The second strategy is number 6,
which is the teacher selects appropriate teaching strategies to develop students abilities to read
and comprehend narrative and informational texts and to cite specific evidence when offering an
oral or written interpretation of a text. The first activity of the lesson was to read a passage and
then find five facts within it. The students were to highlight the facts and then write them below
as well. This developed both reading comprehension and citing evidence because they had to
find the facts and then offer reasoning as to why they chose it.
The second TPE in focus is teaching English language learners. Before we observed the
lesson and were talking with the teacher about what was going to happen she said how strategies
for English language instruction can be used for all students especially native speakers reading
below grade level. The strategy I am focused on is number 8, which is use English that extends
students current level of development yet is still comprehensible. The students were definitely
being challenged in the class and the teacher believes that by challenging them it has students
automatically highly engaged. All the students during the lesson were engaged, and when we
were able to walk around and interact with the different student groups you could see this even in
the group that has the students who struggle more. This also goes into TPE 11 because students
felt comfortable answering questions no matter their level and participating in their groups.
The last TPE is 11 about social environment. The social environment is very important in
a classroom because it can help to make or break a students learning experience. If they feel safe
and comfortable in the class then they will also be more willing to ask and answer questions,
which is important for understanding and learning. The teacher did a wonderful job maintaining

the social environment that she has already built. She has no rules for the class just expectations
for them to follow. The strategy that fit best with the lesson is number 6, which is respond
appropriately to sensitive issues and classroom discussions in a culturally responsive manner.
This relates to the lesson because it was on slavery that can be a sensitive topic for some
students. Due to this, the teacher prefaced the lesson with a talk to the students about how what
theyre learning can be an emotional topic and that they might see words that are no longer used
that are only appropriate in the classroom not outside of it.
The students learned more than just about slavery and the slave trade during this lesson.
They were also engaged with agreeing and disagreeing with their peers and could cite evidence
as discussed with TPE 1. The teacher has been working on students learning how to respectfully
agree/disagree over the course of the year. You can see this respect through the observation of the
students during the lesson. During the discussing after their first activity, students were to state
one fact they found in their groups and the other students could agree or disagree. They had
different hand signals for both and when there was a disagreement she had both sides share why
they chose that side. After observing an exemplar classroom teacher I want to take what I saw
into my own classroom. I especially took away her use of technology integration in the
classroom, which I rarely get to see since my fieldwork school doesnt incorporate it into their
classrooms. Her technology strategies were effective for student productivity and engagement
and I learned a lot about the different ways I can incorporate it. This lesson study was
particularly influential on me because its one of the last before Im the one being observed. I am
grateful to be able to see exemplary classrooms so I can take what I see and bring it into my own
classroom and teaching practices.