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Bhava and Rashi Sandhi | Sarbani Rath










Bhava and Rashi Sandhi

Sandhi or the transition zone between one bhava and another and between two rashis,
is a problematic field of study in jyotish. It is a nebulous area where astrologers have so

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far failed to throw light on the reasons behind the peculiar nature of planets in sandhi
and their effects on peoples lives. Being transitional in nature, sandhis are fuzzy and
grey areas and planets placed in them are extremely fragile. They not only provide
troublesome lives to their natives, but continue to torment them throughout their lives
by being unable to provide the results of their bhavas or their rashis. The asymmetrical
juxtaposition of the rashi and bhava chakras complicates the situation further whereby
bhavas and rashis overlap each other and planets caught in these points, affect both
their rashi and bhava positions. Astrologers have tended to overlook this aspect entirely




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where planets in sandhi occupying different rashis and bhavas will not yield results of
one or the other. It is therefore necessary to examine this phenomenon from closer quarters.

Bhava sandhi
There are two existing methods of defining bhavas. One is the universally accepted method of Parasara and the other is the
Sripati Paddhati. The Sripati Paddhati recognises the midheaven or the tenth house as a very crucial point in a horoscope and
one, which cannot be ignored. He therefore charts his path from the lagna to the 10th house, or from Prajapati (the ruler of

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lagna) to Indra (the ruler of the 10th house), and divides the area into three parts. This comprises half the lagna, the 11th and the
12th houses and a half of the 10th house.

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Parasaras position on the other hand begins with his object of worship, namely Surya and Brahma. Surya the sun god, the
Sarbani Rath

source of all light, is but another name for jyotisha, or the light of god. Brahma is the creator of this universe. Together, Brahma


and Surya represent Prajapati or the lagna. To Parasara, everything in the horoscope is based on the lagna, a point depicting

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the moment of creation. The horoscope is thus nothing but a map of the heavens at the time life began. Since the lagna is the

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entirety, it is but only natural that bhava should be based on the lagna and the lagna lord. Bhavas portray a persons perceptions

10th to 22nd September...


regarding his own life. The self or the created being (which is lagna), once created, begins to perceive and bhavas represent his
25 Jul

perceptions of the different aspects of his life, as characterised by separate houses. The Sripati Paddhati therefore fails here as
it cannot be applied to the created being, but only for the devas like Indra.

Sarbani Rath

A bhava or a rashi may be defined as nine navamshas. Navamshas are fixed and comprise one fourth of a nakshatra. The


last navamsha of a bhava which is 3 20 and the starting navamsha of the next bhava, which is again 3 20, comprise the

Terrible Sunday with vara-tithi dosha. Sun

areas delineated as bhava sandhi.

burns down causing a sky and water

disaster. Fire on the water.

Rashi sandhi

28 Dec

Lagna being a sensitive point, any planet placed in rashi sandhi loses its power to do any good for its own house, and

Sarbani Rath

subsequently destroys the house. A planet in bhava sandhi on the other hand, will only be concerned about saving its own
house and not be bothered about its environment. Bhava and rashi sandhis therefore act in opposite ways while meting out their

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negative results. The lagnadhipati when placed in the lagna, usually gives a person name and fame, but if placed in bhava


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sandhi, it will not do anything remarkable for him. Let us take the example of the native given below.

17 Oct

Chart 1 Male

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The native in Chart 1 was born with an unrecorded but an approximate birth time. Upon his birth it was predicted that he would
achieve great fame for himself. On this basis the placement of lagnadhipati Jupiter in Pisces lagna was ascertained outside the
bhava sandhi boundary. For a lagnadhipati placed in bhava sandhi would not have made it possible for the native to have
written several books and acquire a name for himself as he did internationally in astrology. The lagnadhipati in this case has not
only protected the bhava, but being the lord of the lagna placed in its own house, reached the native to great heights of
intellectual creativity and fame.
Chart 2 Female


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Bhava and Rashi Sandhi | Sarbani Rath


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The above chart is an example of rashi sandhi, whereby the planet placed in rashi sandhi has destroyed its own houses. Mars,
lord of 2nd and 9th houses is placed at rashi sandhi at 05 Taurus, the transitional point between the rashis Aries and Taurus.
Being lord of the 2nd and 9th houses, it has denied the native the fruits of these houses at a physical plane. As lord of 2nd house,
Mars at bhava sandhi has prevented the native from creating and sustaining a home and family. While as lord of 9th house it has
denied her pitrisukh, as she lost her father when she was 21 years. This is a clear example of how a planet placed in rashi
sandhi destroys the houses it owns.
The worst forms of rashi sandhis are known as gandantas. Parasara has identified 3 gandantas, namely, Pisces-Aries,
Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Sagittarius overlapping their nakshatra gandantas at Revati-Ashwini, Ashlesa-Magha and JyeshtaMoola. Of these he considers the Jyeshta-Moola gandanta to be the worst afflicted and the Revati-Ashwini to be the least
problematic. The deity of the nakshatra lord is to be propitiated for the solution to this predicament.
One must note that a planet placed in rashi sandhi may or may not occupy the same bhava. If the planet is in rashi sandhi and
in the same bhava, it will give the result of the bhava rather than the rashi. If it is placed in a different bhava, the results of the
ownership of the house will prevail. In the case there are too many planets in one rashi, the native will be confused as to what
he truly desires. In this instance the placement of the lords of the bhavas in the different houses becomes very important.
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5 thoughts on Bhava and Rashi Sandhi

Dear Sir,
the example no. 1 wrt bhava sandhi does not explain how a planet in bhava sandhi fails to give results. In fact,
you have explained how a planet not in bhava sandhi has given good results which is self explanatory. Example
given is not in accordance with the subject author is talking about.
February 15, 2013 at 3:48 pm


My Bhava Chart & Rasi Chart are the same does it mean anything???
April 8, 2013 at 2:14 pm


Balanced personality
June 19, 2013 at 11:16 pm


respected sir, i am a cancer asc having venus(0:21 degrees) in 1st house aspected by 7th saturn and 10th mars
in rasi chart but in bhava chart i have venus in 12th house woth sun,ketu,i have venus in vargothamamsa also,so
my doubt is did venus lost its power,does he show any malefic effects of 12th bhava,does venus have any power
in his rasi chart.yourr reply will be a great help for me sir i referred many books,and many sites but i culdnt find
plss help me sir thanking you

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4/15/16, 2:38 PM

Bhava and Rashi Sandhi | Sarbani Rath


September 30, 2013 at 9:04 pm


thats exactly whats happenoing in my chart..but my venus is at 2 degrees
December 23, 2013 at 7:56 pm


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