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Me items

Single use (level*caster level*50)
Contingent (increase spell level cost)
Mastercraft tattoo, but only the "scroll" version of the tattoo says its destroyed, so, just like a
wand or charged item, instead of repeated mundane costs, it's my understanding that this falls
under masterwork item that must have magic redone every time.
Tattoos always pay double cost for being unslotted as they take up a second set of tattoo slots
belt, body, chest, feet, hands, head, neck, shoulder, ring (up to two), or wrist.
11 possible
Chest = Breath of life tattoo 5 = below -14 (5d8+9)
6x9x1800x2/5 = (150)* 38,880
Cure serious tattoo 3 = below 3 hp (3d8+6)
4x5x50x2 = (150)* 1000*
Belt = Stoneskin x1 a day = DR is bypassed, immediate 60 hitpoints
5x7x2x2000/5 = (150)* 14000**+Meridian = 1.5k
Wrist 1 = Remove paralysis tattoo 2 = paralyzed
3x4x50x2 = (150)* 600* + endure elements x1 a day 720
Wrist 2 = Plant Growth x2 a day + Entangle x2 a day
3x5x1800x2/5 10,800 + 1x1x1800x2/5 720 = 11,520
Neck = False Image, contingent on nondetection and mindblank beat
5x4x50 = (150) 1,000 one use
Body (legs to back up behind ears) = Shroud Spectral = 26,000 +150
Shoulders = Cloak of Diplomat = 20,000 +150 (+5 Diplomacy and Sense Motive +-1 attitude
on success/fail)
Head = Mask of Insightful Detection = 20,000 +150 (+9 perception and sense motive)
Headband = Alluring Charisma = 36,000 (+6 Charisma)
**Deedlit can create spell
*Mahl-ahDin can create these, so half cost
Spells for other 8 tats
Tap Inner Beauty (once a day) = Command Word 350
Comprehend Languages (once a day, 20 min) = Touch sequence 700
Ring 2 = Ring of Ecclesiarchy = 28k +Cure Moderate 1/day 2d8+6 (1600)
Ring 1 = Ring of Evasion 25k+ Returning: 6 min, 40 = Talon or Claw more than 5 away
during combat 600
Gloves of endless daggers +
Hand = Soothing Word/Touch: reduce condition = condition suffered,Sick, shake, fatigue
cured 900 remove any fear 1500 (10,000 for gloves)
Boots of Speed added to it,
Feet = Remove Disease: (d20+6) = suffering disease for more than 5 turns 1500 one use
Feet = Remove Curse: (d20+6) =
1500 one use

Others for followers = Treeform Cloak,

Items = mallet of building, stone guardian golem manual,
Gloves of Endless Daggers = +3 weapon bonus, +1 Distance, +1 needed force
Ring 2 = Cure Moderate: 2d8+6 = Command Word 600
Robe of Arcane Heritage 8k, Verdant
Cassock of the Clergy
Corset of the Vishkanya
Kimono, Otherwoldy
Meridian Belt 1k
Ring of Arming: 5k When you activate a ring of arming, any armor or weapons you
currently wear disappear and are stored magically within the ring, and any armor or weapons
cur*rently stored within the ring appear in the appropriate places on your body (items that must
be held appear at your feet if you don't have free hands).
Ring of Spell Turning: 100k: Up to three times per day on command, this simple platinum
band automatically reflects the next nine levels of spells cast at the wearer, exactly as if spell
turning had been cast upon him
Bladed Belt

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