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Redwine 1

Austin Redwine
Professor Collins
4 May 2016
Strugglin Throughout the Semester
When this class began I did not know too much about causal arguments or even how to
cite my sources correctly. Before coming to this class I assumed that when using citations one
just needs to put the authors name and the page number at the end of the quote, but that was not
quite accurate. The book explained that when citing a source it must use the first two words in
the source and place them into parenthesis and then put quotation marks around them inside the
parenthesis. I have gained a better understanding of communication in Essay 2 and 3 through the
aspects of documentation and organization.
Essay 2 which was the Causal Argument I felt that the only thing I gained from it was the
ability to cite sources correctly and more efficiently. The documentation throughout that entire
essay was my strong point or so I thought. While I was writing this essay there was an
exceptionally large amount of time between each draft. This allowed me to take my time and
procrastinate a little so that I could get it all done. However, this essay was the only essay out of
the three that were assigned that had several drafts that were graded or had to be turned in
directly to the professor. All in all my strong point for this essay was my documentation
throughout the entire process.
Essay 3 was the Proposal essay; Unfortunately, I struggled mostly with my organization
in this essay. I do not know why but this one was the most troubling to me and yet I feel I learned
so much from it over the period I had to work on it. Throughout the process of writing this essay

Redwine 2
I was thinking I had to do better on this one that I did on the last one and it drove me to work
much harder this time around. As I said before, organization was a huge problem for me in this
one my paragraphs were all out of whack. My first big draft that was turned in I had to literally
shuffle the entire essay around just to get it to flow right. After some help from my professor,
whom showed me where all the pieces were supposed to go, I was able to figure out the puzzle
and fit each paragraph in the right place to make the essay more organized and much less
In my experiences while in 1302 with the same teacher I had in 1301 I figured out that it
was much easier this time around because I knew what she was looking for in an essay. When I
started college I was a terrible writer and I dreaded taking composition which is why I saved it
for later in my college life. Now I look back on the way I used to write and the way I write now
and there so much improvement. I am extremely grateful to my professor for putting up with my
idiocy in class and still helping me along the way. I will take what I have learned in
communicating through writing into the future along with my increased procrastination skills.