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Annotated Bibliography: Racism

Rowley, Tom. The Washington Post. July, 27, 2015

The death of Sandra Bland can serve as an example of how racism is
still an impact with peoples views. The recent accusations of police
officers being racist towards black people has become a problem.
People are protesting and acting against the lawful authorities to show
their frustration with the law. This can help show the problems that are
rising in Texas community. Texas, especially, because citizens are not
prone to new rules that make up the community. Therefore has led to
Texas being known as one of many most racist states in America.
Shah, Anup. Racism, Global Issues. Updated August 8, 2010.
The author goes into detail about racism all over the world. We may
see racism here in the United States but there is also racism all over
the country. Each paragraph talks about the beliefs and culture and
how it has a great influence on racism. People who are of a different
color, in different countries were discriminated. They were treated
differently where they work and where they live. IN some cases, people
who were a different color than what the people are used to, they were
not allowed in bars, clubs, and any other public place. Racism is all
over the world. Other countries are harsher than others, including the
United States.
Brunker, Alba, Dedman. Hate Crime in America, By the Numbers. June 18,
The comparison of hate crimes throughout the past few years since
2003. It represents statistics with hate crimes against race and
religion. This can support my topic of crimes and how people can be
racially biased to the point of death. It can also show that people are
not just racist but they are also discriminating against people of culture
and religion. Which can also be compared with the race of people. The
increase of hate groups throughout the country has also increased the
amount of hate crimes and prejudices known in the United States.
Kulhavy, Joseph B. History and Memory: Racism in Texas. Analysis, Historical
Background. Sept. 2, 2013.
Common history about Texas is useful to grasp an idea of what their
political views were at the time. It shares about how the history has
affected their views which leads most of Texas to be one of the racist

states in the country. This can show that racism in Texas is a big
problem that will eventually affect all cities in Texas. This can grow to
become a local problem.

Mandela, Nelson. Nelson Mandela Quotes. 2015.

Shares some of Nelson Mandela Quotes. It can be helpful to support
my argument about teaching. It can be a strong development to
spread the word about something. Teaching is something everyone
encounters which is a good tool to use. It can be used to teach others
about racism and how its not a successful view of life.

Michels, P. White Texans Shouldn't See Anti-Racism as a Personal Threat.

March 15, 2016.
This author has supported the protesters of Black Lives Matter in Texas.
It also shows the white side of the protesting as well. This author has
incorporated both sides of the Black Lives Matter protest. It can show
the disagreement within the people who have beliefs. It has also
created a feud between black and white people.
Schoichet, Catherine E. Is Racism on the rise? More in the U.S. says its a
big problem, CNN/KFF poll finds. Nov 25, 2015.
Schoichet goes into detail about the rise in racism in the United States.
She also begins by
sharing how most people believe it is a big
problem. Countless interviews of people who feel that racism is a bigger
problem than ever. Some people are also claiming that ever since
Obama took office, it has been nothing but racist in the United States. It
can support that all people took a stand to protect their race and