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Aim / Objective : To determine the pace of transpiration of an good

physical shape, potted plant.

Research Question : How to measure the rate of transpiration of

,good physical shaped, potted plant without using a potometer and
using some other kind of methods and materials?

Hypothesis : I consider that it is possible that we can measure the

rate of transpiration without the need of a potometer and the
reading will be accurate (up to the mark).

Variables :

Constant Variables
○ Wind Speed
○ Temperature
○ Light
○ Humidity
Dependent Variables
○ Speed of transpiration
○ Mass of the plant

Sr. Materials Quantity

1. • Plant 2
2. • Polythene bag(to cover the 2
3. • Clock(to keep track of time, of 1
when to measure)
4. • Vaseline(to keep the polythene 1pack
bag sealed to the plant)
5. • Beaker(to measure the water, 2
collected from the plant)
6. • Water Sum of water
7. • Balances(weight) 1


1) Pick 2 alike well-looked after potted plants.

2) Label it A and B
3) Labeled A plant, place a transparent polythene bag over 1 of
the plant with the pot also.
4) Labeled B plant, surround the plant in a polythene bags Secure
the bag firmly around the lower of the plant of the plant, and
this time you can seal it using Vaseline
5) Place A on balances in a well-lit as in sunny area.
6) Put the B on balances, and record their masses each day, at
the same time, for at least a week. And then compare
7) For the plant which is covered fully, from top to bottom, every
60 minutes, determine the amount of water that is caught in
the bag, then catching the water in a beaker, then swiftly
reseal the bag again over the plan.
8) Record the data. The amount of water received every time
period is the average rate of transpiration for that time.

Data Collection Table

Time (hours) Water collected Temp. (Celsius)
1 hour

2nd hour
3rd hour
4th hour
5th hour

Key : Transpiration- is the evaporation of water from a plant.

Mostly in context with the leaf, but sometimes even the other

• http://advocatesstudio.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/potted-plant.jpg
• http://lomophilly.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/plastic20bag1.png