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Three Branches of Government Simile Project

Project Description
For this project, you will create a product that completes this comparison: The three
branches of government are like a You will design and create a visual image for your
simile, complete with an explanation that includes several terms you have learned
throughout this unit.
You will need to use all of the following 10 terms and include them in your product:
The three branches of government is like a carnival.
1. LEGISLATIVE BRANCH promoters: The legislative branch is responsible for
creating, agreeing, or making laws in the government. The promoters are like the
legislative branch because they make the carnival. They plan out when, where, and how
the carnival will be constructed. They are also the ones who have the ability to contact
the public in order to bring publicity to the carnival. Some of the ways they are able to do
this is by using strategies such as radios or posters.

2. EXECUTIVE BRANCH employees: The executive branch are responsible for

enforcing the laws in the government. The employees are like the executive branch
because they control the rides and games. Without the employees the rides and games

would stop working and people will not follow the rules. Without the customers following
the rules they could bring harm to themselves or others around them. For example if a
person who has heart problems, is pregnant, or is not of height to ride they would be in

3. JUDICIAL BRANCH inspectors: The judicial branch is responsible for ensuring

the rules are being carried out fairly in the government. The inspectors are like the
judicial branch because they judge the games, rides, and food to ensure that they are
safe. If they are safe they will allow the carnival to use them, however if they arent they
will not allow the carnival to use them. If the carnival doesnt have any food, rides, or
games then no one will come to the carnival and they would receive no money.

4. CONGRESS radio and posters: The radio and posters are like the congress
because the congress is within the legislative branch, and within that branch are the
promoters. The promoters need something to contact the public and notify them that
there is a carnival so people can come. The house of representative is like the posters
because there can be numerous amount of posters depended upon how much space
they can put the posters up. Just like there can be numerous people in the House of
Representatives depended upon how much people are in the state. The radio is like the
senate because there is an established amount of radio station just like the 2 established
amounts of senates.

5. PRESIDENT manager: The manager is like the president because the president is
apart of the executive branch. Within the executive branch all employees have a
manager to ensure that they are doing their jobs right and not fooling around. The
managers also can choose which employee they want to work for them just like the
president can choose a judge. However if the employee doesnt meet the requirements
of the job they cannot be hired like if the senate doesnt approve of the judge they
cannot become one.

6. SUPREME COURT safety inspection pass: The safety inspection pass is like the
supreme court because the supreme court is in the judicial branch and within this branch
is the inspectors. So they inspectors need a visual representation to official approve or
disapprove of a ride, game or food stand. Without this pass the carnival will not be able
to run and it wouldnt be able to make any money.

7. CHECKS AND BALANCES : The checks and balances are if the promoters didnt
want to promote then the carnival then there would be no carnival, meaning, no
employees to hire. If there are no employees to control the rides then there will be no
more rides for the inspectors to inspect. If the inspectors have nothing to expect they
wouldnt pass the carnival.

8. CONSTITUTION rules: The rules are like the constitution because the constitution
is the backbone of this government; it supplies our government with rules and order to
follow so that we have an organized government. Just like the rules for rides and games,
if you dont meet the age or height requirement you wont be able to go on. This also
applies for how many people can go on a ride, if you have a heart disease, or are
pregnant. If there where no rules then people would hurt themselves and others.

9. THE PEOPLE customers: The customers are like the people in the government
because if they decide not to come to the carnival the carnival will never happen.
Without the people nothing will work. Also if the people dont like a ride, and none of
them go on it, the carnival will realize this and take it away, or if the people like a ride
and it receives a lot of money then the carnival will upgrade it or put more of the same

10. SEPARATION OF POWERS The promoters cant control rides like the employees.
The employees cant inspect and pass carnival rides or food like the inspectors. The
inspectors cant promote the carnival on radios or posters.

Each term must be followed by a brief (minimum 2 sentences) explanation of how it

relates to or illustrates your overall simile.
#1: Identify your simile and image. Get approval from your teacher.
#2: Written explanations of 10 terms.
#3: Visual images for 10 terms.
#4: Submission of final product.









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