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Two State and UN Intervention Proposal

Ileana Pena
December 17, 2015

Table of Contents
Table of Contents.2
Two State and UN Intervention Introduction
Two State and UN Intervention Proposal.3

Government Organization
Culture and Religion
Israeli Checkpoints and Walls
Israeli Settlements....5
Human Rights...6
Works Cited...9

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict Resolution Proposal

Two State and UN Intervention Solution
The Two State and UN Intervention Solution Plan will serve as a guide for the ideal
relationship between Israel and Palestine. This plan will guarantee peace and
agreement as long as both countries know and use communication as their fundamental
source for coming to consensuses. Both Israel and Palestine, will have to give up
different things, and this will can cause immediate and future dissatisfactions. Having
this in mind, the citizens and leaders will be more open to ideas of change since both
countries are being differently affected, but at the same time are coming out benefited. It

is clear that the relationship between Israel and Palestine is not functioning and that
reflects on their constant fighting. Because of this, the Two State and UN Intervention
Solution is the most obvious way to resolve this historic and present conflict.
Israel and Palestine: Two State and UN Intervention Solution Proposal
The primary change this solution offers is to divide the land of Israel into two
countries: Israel and Palestine. To come to an agreement of territory, Israeli,
Palestinians, and UN representatives will convocate regular assembly meetings where
they will discuss how the land would be distributed. This division should be fairly equal
and an established border should be set. Any citizen who desires to go to the neighbor
country will submit to the normal migration process (approved visa or passport by the
countrys consulate and any other requirements the respective one has set). The border
will be secured by UN officials, and defense will occur only if it is needed. The following
list of bullets are valid reasons:
firearm attacks
terroristic attacks
any kind of harassment
The UN will serve as an accountability partner to ensure both countries are at peace
with each other. Once the land has been divided, both countrys representatives will
sign and agree once again with the land division plan.
(View image 1.1) The green would be the country of Israel and the yellow the country of

Government Organization
Both countries will have their own systems of governments. A system of
government they have chosen by themselves and no other group of people. It will be
respected by the neighbor country and the United Nations. Israel and Palestine can rule
their people with the system of government of their choice. They both have absolute
control over themselves only. If any problem, concerning government issues, between
them arise, the UN will have the power to intervene and help them come to an
agreement. If there is no agreement, the UN will also have the power to decide
according to their principles, what is better. Each government will have the chance to
communicate to the neighbor country any concerns about politics and gubernamental
matters at assembly meetings. The UN will be present in any kind of meetings between
Israel and Palestine leaders, representatives, and politicians.

Culture and Religion

As many may know, culture and religion is one of the biggest dissimilarities
between Israel and Palestine. Therefore, any solution addressing these differences
should be carefully thought out and gently passed. The biggest thing would be a
identification process, an organized and computerized registration of all citizens. This
will include: birth certificate, ID card, license or any other identification information.
Meanwhile everybody registers, the same will hold on a census to count all citizens from
the respective country. This will help the UN representatives and Israeli/Palestinians
leaders to have a more organized government to better understand its people. Culture
and religion will be totally respected by both countries. If any citizen or leader ofends or
mistreats (verbally, physically, and emotionally) a neighbor citizens, he or she will go
through a punishment consequence process already set by Israel and Palestine.
Everybody, everytime will respect each other's culture and religion. If in any case
something abnormal happens (concerning culture and religion) and Israel and Palestine
do not seem to come to an agreement, the UN will have the power to intervene and
decide accordingly to what they think is right.
The UN will own Jerusalem for less conflict. Jerusalem will have their own
leaders and will govern according to the UN principles. Jerusalem people will be citizens
of Jerusalem and will be required to have visas if they desire to go to a neighbor
country. It will be under absolute control of the United Nations.
View image 1.2 (Map of Jerusalem)
Hamas will be asked for their opinions in assembly meetings. They will be
respectful and peaceful. Otherwise, the UN will have the power to arrest them or any
individual who seeks to harm another. They will have a punishment for disturbing the
peace in that country. Hamas will have to cede control to their countrys leaders in a
peaceful way. If they provoke terrorist attacks, they will face consequences in prison
and their weapons will be possession of the government. Hamas primary purpose will
be to be the voice of the people and collaborate together with the UN to bring peace in
the streets of Palestine.
Israeli Checkpoints and Walls
Israel will have to take down checkpoints since they are not necessary anymore
because both countries will have their borders. Israel will also have to publicly say sorry

to Palestinians for all the years of mistreatment and unnecessary time wasted in
checkpoints. The walls will be taken down and a new border will be set.
Israeli Settlements
Israelites will have to back up from all the land that has been named Palestine.
They will also have to publicly apologize for all damages they occurred in the last years
and promise with a signed contract that that will not happen ever again. Israelites will
not invade any land that is not theirs. They will have to pass through a migration
process if they want to cross the border and vice versa. Israelites will remove all
equipment and belongings from Palestinian territory and will do this peacefully.

Human Rights
1)The Right to Life
2)The Right to a Nationality
3)Freedom of Speech & Expression
4)Freedom of Religion
5)Right to an Education
6)The Right to Health Care
7) The right to vote: All adults (18 or more) are able to vote. These votes are all counted
equal. Voters vote for laws and representatives.

Image 1.1

Image 1.2

It would be really hard to split the total territory equally. This may cause
conflict since one country may want the best side or will be taken land away that
was once theirs.
Their is a possibility that Hamas reacts in a negative way and chooses
violence over peace and agreement. The UN would have to come up with a more
stronger and maybe more violent plan to stop Hamas.
Another problem with this solution is the monuments, homes, and
industries that would fall in another's countries territory. What would happen with

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