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Ree eee 8 886688558 F EFF SESE S The Chéro Fake Book Second Edition 42 Selected Brazilian Chorinhos written in Lead Sheet form, and including some duet parts and obligados ‘Music by Pixinguinha, Emesto Nazareth, Jacob do Bandolim, Zequinho Abreu, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Ratinho, André Victor Corréa, Abel Ferreira, Waldir Azevedo, K-Ximbinho, Radames Gnatalli, and more. — = — “a — = mod —» ad — ad ad — _ eo a od o a — — = = ” io > a a a a a o a 2 a a = The Chéro Fake Book Second Edition and printing / 2005 Table of Contents page page 1. Ainda Me Recordo .... os we A 22. Lamentos 46 2. André de Sapato Novo ~ Dust 4 23, Manha de Carnaval... ~-Vocal Chart 50 bead sheet 7 24, Na Gleria Isveranarernnnes oe 4B 9. Aauarea ¢o Bas Sie as a toga! te eng 4. Assanhado e ae ~ 10 26, Naquele Tempo ae - 52 cenee vmnnunnunnenn 12 97 Nojtes Cariocas snes 84 Sens oe 14 28. Odeon .... Lead Sheet 56 7. Basietone ‘a0 Coiasco 58 8. Brejeiro .. 16 29. Os Oito Batutas = _ 61 9. Carmaso suns 18 90, Possas de Solon 82 10. Crege de Sad 18 91, Receta de Samba oe 11, Chand Bathe nna 2282, ReMeRERED oso 6 12. Chorei. Lead sheet 24 33, Rosa .... ~ “ 68 12. C00 NEG cot. 28 94 Seton, porque choses 70 14. Choro N° 4, *Chéro Tipioo"..... Lead sheet 30 95: Segura ele te Obligado 32 38. Sempre : eta 15, Coonenanco : 34 57. Sore Porque Quores 7 18. Deteseo 8898. So!088 75 17, Dove de Gose ssn 88 88, Terra a) 18. Fla-Flu menses 40 40. Tico-Tico No Fuba iz 80 19, Flauta, Cavaquinho e Violao 42° 41. Uma Zero (1x0) vse 82 2. Gente Hume 42. VOU YEN vocsinans But 84 21. Ingénuo ... Lead chest 86 Acknowledgements ‘When one tres to learn music from ¢ new or “second culture itis essential cha you be shown how i's done from the real guys. The priced page is not enough. I like vo thank my many teachers, pyers and fiends for their help and inspiration for my continued love aftr with Musica Brasileira. Marces Silva, who must come fst, Susan Miscarella The Jez Schoo in Berkeley, Dennis Broughton and Rich Rice who put together the incredible Califonia Breil Camp, Carlos Oliveira, Ricardo Peixoto, Claudia Villela, Paulo Bellinati, Arnoldinho do Covaco, Harvey Weinaple, Claudio Bebiano, Jovino Sancos Neto, ny old band members Brian Rice, Jeff Sanford, Rick Elmore, Steve May, Randy Johnson who played ‘hese with me, Also the many jammer, collegues, friends and students who make my if al of music. Thankyou al. “Even the little fish loves to swim.” Notes on the 2nd edition — By popular demand I have brought out this, the 2nd edition of The Chéro Fake Book, and finally answered the pleas of my B-flat friends. Thanks to those people who bought up all the copies of the first edition, after two printi 1999 and 2000, and wanted more. It is because of your enthusiastic response that I decided to, once again, break copyright laws and illegally publish niusic to which [have no right. This is NOT a gray area but flat out fucking illegal. So, please, go buy the real stuff, as I have. T hope the publishers accept this plea as free advertising and don't sue my ass. Tes really all about the love of the music. Shop online for the following, available through www.brazmus.com, www.acari.com.br, and elsewhere. O Melhor Do Choro Brasileiro, Vol. 1, 2,3 O Melhor De Pixinguinha Cadernos de Choro Vol. 1,2 Principios do Choro Vol. 1-5 What’s different in the 2nd edition — There are 19 more tunes than the Ist edition, Although not all the new tunes ae tity chorihos, are typically Brazilian. A few tunes have undergone rewrites, most notably Brejeiro, which is in a ikscar ey There are chord changes/corrections and some formal chan; 2 Nledsuce numbers ae now in boxes on the top left of each staff. There are no block chord charts in this edition. I've found that people capable of playing chorinhos would rather look at the notes anyway even if chey are only playing rhythm. Also missing is a selected discography. I own over 600 Brazilian CDs now and a Eiscogrophy has become too big a progect. And finally, some chord symbols have been streamlined. ‘As always, every effort has been made to layout the page and make it readable for “old blind guys.” Notes on Chord Symbols — In reading and writing lead sheets for many years I have felt the need for a more concise nomenclature for certain chords, The m70® has always seemed to me to have an unnecessarily clumsy name, not to mention 6 () separate marks on the page. For this reason, the following symbols, which are are not my inventions, are used in this edition. I hope, they will continue to be used by the reader, and others publishers so as to further advance the evolution of our musical language by employing more powerful and concise symbols. Co = = Cm765) or half-diminshed seventh chord - C Eb Gb B C7 = — Cdim? or fully-diminshed seventh chord - C Eb G> A CA? = = CMaj7_ or major seventh chord - C EGB Cmia7) CmiMaj7) or minor triad with major seventh - C Eb G B C+ = Caug or augmented triad (raised 5th) - C E Gt C74 = = C7 sus4 or dominant seventh, with suspended 4th - C F G Be If you don’t know what these symbols mean then please support music education in the schools at ALL LEVELS by electing representatives who do not treat music as a frill or Te isn't. Ie is essential core curriculum. Music education makes use of parts of the brain unused in most other endevours, and makes better thinkers, builds self-esteem, communal activity and socialization, not to mention the joy of the music itself. Without music and art education we now have rap, country and gaffe. The talent continues to be present but needs t be trained. So ake a theory class at cal community college, get online help or lessons from a qualified instructor. While we should all have learned this in schoo! when we were young, it’s never too late! TITAS