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Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 15 26th May,



BOOK FAIR Finishes 26TH MAY 2016

Saturday 28th May
Friday 10th June
Monday 13th June

Tootgarook Market 2B + 2J rostered

Curriculum Day
Queens Birthday Public Holiday

Walk to School Day was a great success, we had 60

children walk with us! A big thank-you to Miss McGhee
and Mrs Young for assisting me
today. It would be great to make it
a yearly event, but we definitely
needed more helpers.

Its a great way to start the day, children are in a great mood, gets the body
and mind moving before you start work in the classroom.
Thanks again to Miss McGhee, Mrs Young and parents for their support. Bree

Several parents have recently reported cases of head lice for students. Could all
parents please make an extra effort over the next week to check their child/rens
hair. Please note, children are to be excluded from school until treatment has been
applied. For more information see end of Newsletter.

First Aid Room Wish List

Girls and boys long pants sizes 6-12 any
donations greatly appreciated.
If your child has required a change of clothes
please wash them and return to the office.
Thank you

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.
Prep R Mrs Read Layla Gale Thankyou for being such a helpful member of our classroom. We appreciate
Prep S Miss Staley Charlee Ross - For making a terrific effort to complete her work in a careful and timely
manner. Keep it up Charlee!
1A Miss Arnold Harper Elder for her creative outfit on Autumn Day. Harper made her own leaves out of
paper and added them to her clothes. She always works quietly and tries her best in the classroom well done!
1P Miss Perkins Lilly Jayne Oldham for her enthusiasm and independent working habits during ILB time
each morning. Lilly works quietly and quickly when practising her spelling words. Great work Lilly!
2B Mrs Baird Lily Gaul for always doing her best and for sharing her excursion photos with the grade 2s.
2J - Mrs Johnstone
3B Mrs Bos Ella Boyle -Vella for being a real trooper and doing her best to write with her injured wrist.
3W Ms Walton Tahlia Oliver for her cheerful approach to everything. She always has a wonderful smile on
her face.
4B Miss Broomfield
4F Miss Kain Isabella Conduit for always showing the RICH School Values and being such a kind member
of the class.
4/5K Mr Kitchin Ingka Mears your confidence is growing every day. You always try your best and
demonstrate perfect behaviour. Well done and keep working hard.
5/6M Miss McGhee 5/6Q Miss Quintin Luke McKenzie you are a terrific role model to the younger students I often see you
giving them a high 5 or encouraging them out in the yard. Well Done!
Music - Mrs Young Shelby Legh 5/6M Well done Shelby for getting into band playing your violin. It is so
nice to have another violinist and you are a wonderful addition to the band. Congratulations!
P.E. Miss Daley Mia Payne for participating in Walk To School Day and being a great assistant to Miss
Daley. Well done Mia!

Finishes - Thursday 26th May
The fair will open after school today 3:00 - 4:00pm for your last chance to purchase a book.
Thank you for your continued support.

Last Friday the Prep, Year One and Year Two students celebrated Autumn with a multi age
group day. The students rotated through the 6 teachers in the building exploring Autumn
through different activities such as, dance, music, art, making, maths and reading. It was
very nice to see so many family members in the building during the first sessions and the
students were very excited to share their classrooms and learning with them.

On the 18th of May, the Grade 3-6s that had been selected for
Districts, competed at Trumans Road for the Cross Country. The
race for the 11s, 12 and 13s was 3kms long and the race for the 10
year old age group was 2kms long.
First the 12/13 year old girls started their race at 10:00 with about 4
girls racing from Tootgarook primary.
Next was the 12/13 year old boys, and
shortly after the 11 year old girls. Next came the 11 year old boys
and finally the 10 year old girls and finally the 10 year old boys. By
the end of the race everyone was so tired we hardly made it back
to school. Everyone did a fabulous job and the next day everyone
was a bit sore. A big thanks to Mel Peterson, Miss Quintin, Miss
McGhee, Miss Daley, Mr Kitchin and all the parents that came and
supported us.