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Child-centered program model-
a curriculum format that allows
children of an opportunity to do self-selected activities.
Adult-centered program model-
a more structured curriculum
format that includes a high level of adult direction.
Unit-based program model-
a curriculum format that revolves
around curriculum themes that reflect the children's interests.
1. They are likely to experience loneliness and unhealthy fears. They
are also more likely to lack physical exercise and have poor nutritional
2. - Caring, well-trained staff members
- Well-organized space with room for active play, quiet play, and
interest centers
- Curriculum based on the childrens ages, abilities, interests, and
- Parent involvement to achieve shared goals for the children
3. -
Child-based program model:
Staff members encourage
childrens involvement by serving as facilitators and resource
- Adult-centered program model:
The curriculum includes
recreation and tutoring programs.
- Unit-based program model:
Staff members offer a variety of
cooking, science, music, and art activities that relate to the theme.
4. Studies show that appropriate adult-child ratios and small group
size improve program quality.
5. Five characteristics of staff members: