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Cory Wegner

Lesson Cycle
Lesson Title/Topic: Political Organizations
Target Concept: To learn the different political point of views of organizations like the NAACP,
Standards/Rationale: 113.44c 16a: Examine different points of view of political parties and
interest groups such as LULAC, NRA, and NAACP on important contemporary issues.
Lesson Objectives: The student will
Assessment: Presentation of infomercial.
create a 5 minute infomercial on an
assigned political group. The presentation
will include 2 famous members and 3
current stances on political issues with 75%
Materials Lesson Cycle: (Direct instruction): Labeled signs for the corners of the
room for the game Four Corners, Venn diagram to follow along with lecture, large
white paper for charts/diagrams, markers of differing colors, cell phones, computer, and
The teacher will:
Focus/Mental Set.



The student will:

Play a game of Four Corners. The
classroom corners.
Label each corner of the room strongly agree,
Students will walk to the corner of the
agree, disagree and strongly disagree.
classroom that best represents their feelings
Present the rules of playing the game Four toward the comment presented.
Corners where the teacher will read a comment
Two students will be chosen to explain why
and the students will go to the labeled corner they chose the corner they did. The process
that most closely resembles their feelings on will be repeated 3-4 times (as time permits).
toward the comment the teacher read.
Direct the student to go to the corner that most
closely resembles their feelings to the comment
presented by the teacher.
Question one student at random from two
corners to explain why they feel the way they
The planned comments are:
I believe that immigration laws need to be eased
so that people can complete the naturalization
process quicker.
I believe that the US should use their trade

Cory Wegner

relationship to try and convince China to

improve its human rights record.
3. I believe that the United States should only
allow for those who pass a background check,
apply for a license, get training and undergo a
waiting period should be allowed to buy a gun.
4. I believe that colleges should operate under a
free-market systemsurvival of the fittest. Let
the parents use vouchers, that make any
university free, toward any school they wish.
Teacher Input:

Show a PowerPoint on political organizations in

the United States (NRA, NAACP, LULAC,
MADD, Asian Pacific Islander Organization,
and Muslim American Society) in addition to
other political parties/organizations such as the
Democratic Party, GOP etc. PowerPoint is
titled America: Its political organizations. It
can be found on the TCU human resources flash
drive in the long drawer of the desk.
Provide students with a Venn diagram sheet to
fill out.
Review Venn Diagram

Complete Venn diagram comparing and

contrasting LULAC and NAACP during
Share results on Venn diagram.

Guided Practice:

Place the students iton 5 groups.

Instruct the groups to produce a chart that will
highlight the similarities and differences of the
political organizations (NRA, MADD, Muslim
American Society, American Civil Liberties
Union and Asian Pacific Islander Organization).
Assist as needed.

Groups will sit together, with cell

phones/computers and create a chart that will
list the main differences and similarities for
NRA, MADD, Muslim American Society,
American Civil Liberties Union and Asian
Pacific Islander Organization. (This may
include when they were founded, where they
were founded, and why they were founded).
Choose as a group the best way to represent
the similarities and differences of the political
organizations. May use words on the chart or
pictures instead.
Each group will then briefly present their
charts to the class in less than 2 minutes.
As each group presents their charts, take notes
as needed.
The students will remain in the same groups.
Create an infomercial using the same
Use the computers/cell phones to research
their assigned organization.

Independent Practice:

Using the same groups the students will be

instructed to create a brief 5 minute infomercial

that will highlight the arguments/stances of each

of the five organizations previously discussed

Cory Wegner

(NRA, MADD, Muslim American Society,

American Civil Liberties Union and Asian
Pacific Islanders Org).
Give instructions (the next 7 bullet points) to
the students for the requirements for their
infomercial project.
Each group will be required to present 3
stances/arguments for their assigned
Each group will also be required to assign at
least 2 important figures from their
Computers(s)/cell phones can be used to
research their assigned organization.
Research at minimum these things for an
informative presentation: brief history,
important figures, organization
stances/platforms, membership numbers
demographics etc.
Create a script for their infomercials
Infomercial must be ready to be performed in
front of the class the following day.

Last 5 minutes before the end of class have
students write in their daily journal.
Question of the day: How have political
organizations impacted your life?
Daily Journal notebooks are turned in every
Friday for review.

Things to look for: brief history, important

figures, organization stances/platforms,
membership numbers, demographics, etc.
After collecting data on their organizations
the groups will work together to create a
script for their presentation.
Each group must provide 3 stances/arguments
and 2 political figures in their infomercial.
Be prepared for presentations in front of class
following day.

Last 5 minutes of class, students will write in

their daily journals.
Answer the question of the day with a
minimum of 3 sentences.