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Melaka Manipal Medical College

Foundation In Science


Tutorial: Kinematics and Dynamics (REFRESHER CLASS)

1. A 75 kg man stands on a scale while accelerating upwards in an elevator. If the scale
reads 850 N, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the elevator?
2. A 45 kg snowskate and rider decelerate on level snow at 0.53 m/s2. What is the
coefficient of friction between the snowskate and the snow?
3. The 4.0 kg block shown accelerates across a frictionless horizontal table at 1.5 m/s2.

Find the mass of object m1.

(0.72 kg)

4. In the diagram shown, the tension in the cord connecting the hanging mass and cart is
43 N.

a) Draw and label a free body diagram for the cart and the hanging mass.
b) Determine the mass of the cart.
(15.6 kg)
5. At what speed must a ball be thrown upwards to reach a maximum height of
25 m?
(22 m/s)
6. A soccer ball is kicked over level of ground with an initial velocity of 18 m/s,
24o above the horizontal.
a) How long does it take the ball to return to the ground?
(1.5 s)
b) What is the range of the ball?
(24.7 m)
7. A passenger jet needs to reach a speed of 100 m/s on the runway for take-off. If the
runway is 2.5 103 m long, what acceleration from rest is needed?
(2.0 m/s2)
8. A projectile is launched over level round at 35 m/s at an angle of 40o above the
horizontal. What is the projectiles time of flight?
(4.6 s)
9. A skier accelerates uniformly from 5.2 m/s to 12.8 m/s at 0.85 m/s2. Find the distance
she travels.
(80 m)
10. Using principles of physics, comment on the horizontal and vertical components of
the projectiles velocity and acceleration during the flight.

Prepared by: Siti Harnani Radhuan Din