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Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 17

9th June, 2016


Friday 10 June
Report Writing Day (No students required at school)
Monday 13th June
Queens Birthday Public Holiday
Music Camp 15th 17th June
Friday 24th June
Last Day Term 2 2.30pm dismissal
Saturday 25th June
Tootgarook Market 4/5K, Prep R + S rostered

REMINDER to all parents


Friday10th June
School staff will spend the day preparing students mid-year reports for Semester One.
Queens birthday public holiday
No students required at school on either day


On Friday 10th June, our teachers and Education Support staff will be very busy participating
in their third pupil free day for this year. The program will focus on our
assessment processes in a variety of domains. This term staff has started
to use the Compass platform for entering student attendance with
electronic devices and sharing anecdotal notes. It is anticipated
student reports will be accessed online within 18 months. Compass can
be explored on the web for detailed information about how it can
benefit schools and parents.
Below I have attached a brief descriptionCompass was built and launched in 2010 as a true software-as-a-service
solution for schools. Compass is distributed by JDLF International Pty Ltd with offices in Victoria
and San Francisco. Compass is the emerging leader in online school and student
management in Australia, providing schools with immediate, on-demand access to a student
performance, wellbeing and much more. In late 2010, we launched CompassPay, our
merchant services division focused on incorporating streamline payment options to parents
and students.
In November 2014 JDLF International Pty Ltd moved head offices to 74 Doncaster Road,
Balwyn North, which was opened by the Hon. David Hodgett, Minister for Major Projects,
Manufacturing and Ports. As part of this relocation, we took the opportunity to rename our
organisation to Compass Education. This name change was made to reflect the focus of our
organisation in alignment with our product.

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.
Prep R Mrs Read Evie White - In celebration of the progress you are making in THRASS lessons Evie. You are
learning each of the phoneme boxes so quickly and you were even able to tell me what a split digraph is. Well
Prep S Miss Staley Tyler Coburn - For showing initiative in our classroom. Tyler helps to pack up his table
without needing to be asked. Well done Tyler!
1A Miss Arnold Holly Thomas - For her enthusiasm during speaking and listening this week. Holly was able
to identify rhyming words from a big book and from the THRASS flashcards. Good Job Holly!
1P Miss Perkins Connor Clarke - Thank you for listening and following instructions when Nicole was away
this week. You have been working really hard when tracing the dinosaur circles and always have wonderful
2B Mrs Baird Harley Hanson for working hard to write all his spelling words and completing his
Information Report. Also for using breathing techniques to feel calm.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Harrison Ross for making super efforts to do his best and complete extra tasks.
Congratulations on demonstrating such great Integrity!
3B Mrs Bos Tobias Wilden welcome to Tootgarook and well done for settling in so well!
3W Ms Walton Charli Vis for being a helpful member of the class, often helping both staff and students.
Charli is a hard worker and is able to ignore distractions in order to complete her work. Keep up the great work
4B Miss Broomfield Ben Walker - Ben has been working hard, particularly in Maths. He has been practicing
his number facts and becoming more fluent with his calculations. Keep up the fantastic effort Ben!
4F Miss Kain Matthew Jones - For being resilient and improving bouncing back from difficult situations. It is
so good to see your potential shining through Matt. Keep up the good work mate!
4/5K Mr Kitchin Kayden Carver - Well done on your efforts at the Winter Lightning Premierships. You
represented Tootgarook Primary School with pride. It was great to see one of the youngest players on the field
giving it his all and playing with no fear. Well done Kayden Carver!
5/6M Miss McGhee Brock Tocknell - For his efforts in our Soccer team on the Winter Lightening
Premiership day. You were willing to try out new positions and tried your hardest in every game! Keep up the
enthusiasm Brock!
5/6Q Miss Quintin WOW! You were an absolute superstar at Girls Netball on Wednesday Isabell Southon.
You encouraged your team members and displayed great sports womanship with a smile!
Music - Mrs Young Max McIntosh 3B Well done, Max on your enthusiastic approach to violin lessons but
also to especially Music in general. Keep it up!
P.E. Miss Daley Tye Seath 3W - Tye's fitness and skills were put to the test this week. He stepped up to the
challenge, pushed himself and excelled in all areas. Great effort Tye!

On Wednesday 8th of 6th the grade 5/6 girls went to Truemans Rd netball
courts. We had two teams, the Tootgarook
Anacondas also the Tootgarook Buffalos. Each
team played four
games and did
an amazing job.
Everyone had
and tried their
best. We all supported each other, and did
the respectful thing by shaking the other
opponents hands. We would all like to give a
big thank you to Mel and Miss Quintin for
making it possible also for coaching all of us. To sum it all up everyone had a
great time playing netball.
- Renee Robinson & Lily Buck

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 Girls Soccer Team. Girls

attended the Winter Lightning Prem at Olympic Park in
Rosebud. It was a cold and windy day but the girls played
really well and had loads of fun!
Great effort girls, well done :)

This week in PE Year 3-6 students were given a Fitness and Skills challenge!
Focusing on team work and cooperation, students had the opportunity to utilize
the schools newly purchased exercise bikes, bowling kits, along with boxing
gloves, sit up challenge, soccer, football and netball skills. All students have
worked hard on their Fitness and Skills this term, they were certainly put to the
test with this challenge, well done and keep up the good work!