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Client requirements
I have already had my client meeting and I know that I am working for an energy drink company to
design an advertisement for them to promote their product, I know the requirements that I have to
meet so that the final product is everything that they want.
I am going to produce an advert for an energy drink and here are the points that I was given when
attending the client meeting that I need to include as well as closely follow when working on this
product and try to stick as closely as possible to these guidelines so that the final product is
everything and includes everything that the client wants.

Advertisement: Between 30-40 seconds long prefer to be 30 seconds as it is more cost

effective, therefor I am going to try and then make the advert as close to 30 seconds as
possible but so that the advert is still of a high standard this is to please the client as much as
Drink name: As well as designing the energy drinks label I have also been told that I need to
name it as well, I am going to brainstorm name ideas for the energy drink, the name that I
use also has to be memorable as well as something that I am able to relate to through the
slogan as well as the advert its self, the name dose also has to appeal to the target audience.
Can Design: The can design has to be a suitable size and also fit the can well so that all of the
label is visible and also so that the buyer is able to read all of the important information as
this is a vital aspect as they may need to know the ingredients as well as the design needs to
be fitting for my target audience and appealing to them, so that the product sells. There is
also certain thing that an energy can dose have to include for legal reasons. Things such as
Ingredients and flavourings
Warnings (allergies)
Nutritional information
Caffeine amount
Amount of liquid (ml)
On the label within the ingredients there is a secret ingredient mention this is inositol, its a
vitamin-like substance. It is found in many plants and animals. It can also be made in a
laboratory. Inositol might balance certain chemicals in the body to possibly help with
conditions such as panic disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and polycystic
ovary syndrome.

Brainstorm name: I had to brainstorm the names this was part of the design process; this
was also another aspect of what I had to create when it came to the final product.
Brainstorming the names made it so that I was then able to see all of the ideas that I had as
well as decide what I wanted the name to be whilst I compared them to each other to decide
which on I wanted to use and to also fit in with the colour scheme and the design & target
audience for my energy drink.
Standard expectations: I did research so that I had an idea of what I should base the main
ideas off for my logo and can design. I researched some of the top selling energy drink brands

and also looked at their can design and slogans. Doing the research meant that I then knew
what I needed to include on the can label as well as things that I needed to really think about
when it came to the design to also help it sell and how the other big brands made their
product attractive to their target audience.
Standard logo expectations: I am going to research existing canned energy drinks and also
take notes on what should be expected from my design as well as the requirements that are
needed to be on all canned energy drinks such as the best before date and how much
caffeine it contains.
Slogan: The slogan has to be relevant to the name of the product as well as the theme that
has been chosen for the energy drink. The slogan is going to also help the product sell as it
will be a big part of marketing and just like red bulls it gives you wings it will also become
iconic to the brand of the energy drink and people will be able to recognize the product just
by the slogan.
Storyboard: before I decide what I want my logo to be I am going to have to brainstorm ideas
for the name as I want the design to be fitting for the name, I will also show my ideas to the
client before I start to create them digitally.
Target audience: I need to identify what the target audience is before I start doing work on
the design, as knowing the target audience will help me to be able to generate a theme,
design and colours, therefor making the design work easier.
Legal & Ethical: I am going to need to research the legal and ethical laws, as this is very
important that I make note of any online sources that I use as well as present them to the
client. I am also going to have to make sure that my energy drink meets all of the ethical
requirement and that it doesnt offend anyone.
Consider on screen text/music/voiceovers: For my advert I am considering using music rather
than audio as I think that it is going to be more effective, especially if its a song that is in the
charts or well known.

Target Audience
The target audience for my energy drink and also the advert is designed to attract teenagers and
young adults aged 17 to 20 years old. My advertisement is going to feature a situation that student is
very frillier with, having deadlines to meet and assignments to do however so that this advertisement
does not come across as discriminating as in what the appearance may be of someone who is doing
their work and also so that the person watching the advert get a real feel the prospective will be so
that the viewer will watch the advert as if it is them that is watching it who is the one looking around.
The design of the can is to attract that of gamers and students as the design of the can is based
around a very popular game fallout as it features vault boy on the front of the can and a 1950s feel
with the very basic colour scheme of yellow, blue and green.
For the actor I will be using myself
The setting of the advert will be shot sat at my desk.
I will be sat at my desk and will be procrastinating and then look at the clock to then realise that its
about 1am and then look in my planner to see there is a 3000-word assignment due in that same

Then I will go routing through my bag to find a power up can and take a drink of it and start typing
on the keyboard (this will be sped up) and within minutes will have reached the word count. Then
look back at the clock and see its only 10past 1am and go back to what it was I was doing before and
the screen will fade out to black and then the slogan will appear.
I will be creating a dope sheet for the script of my advert part of this is feature above. The dope sheet
is going to work as part of the storyboard for the plan of what is going to happen in the advert.
I have already created the storyboards for my can label, I have drawn then and also coloured then to
the colour scheme that I want to use.
I have drawn up the logo design and also the layout of the can design the original ideas for the can
design where all done on a brainstorming exercise. Then once I had final decide what it is I wanted
my energy drink to be called and also the design of the logo I then drew it up on a storyboard and
presented it to my client.

Technical considerations
Platforms and file format
I know from my assignment brief that I am going to be making a short advertisement that can be
uploaded to a website. This means that I am going to have to take some things into consideration
and also make sure that the content is appropriate as it is going to be able to be streamed from a
website an accessible to millions of people. As well as being show as a TV advertisement as well.
This means that I am going to have to consider the file formats as I need to use one that is going to
support my video as well as the reason as why it was created. My client has not stated what file
formats they would like me to use for the final save and also the production process.
For the file format I am going to export the label as a jpg. This way I am going to be able to use it for
its actual use & still be able to have the quality of the label & the video will be exported as MP4 so
that it will be of good quality and also it will be able to be viewed on just on any platform.
File size
The total file size cannot yet be predicted until I have an idea of what file formats I am going to be
using along with what camera I am going to be using, both of these aspects will heavily affect the file
size of my advertisement. Another variable that could affect the file size is audio, as I plan to only use
music as my audio however this will not greatly affect the file size but it will still have an impact, I do
still need to be careful of this as I dont want my file size to be too big as this is then going to affect
weather or not people are able to view my advertisement easily or not.
In the assignment brief it explains that the client dose not mind if standard compression is used. As
nothing higher or altered will be expected. If I am able to use a higher quality camera and a high
quality audio, then it might need compression. Evan though standard compression will be fine as the
client has not stressed about the compression, however, I dont want to risk my file size ending up
being too big as this will also affect how the video will play. As there will be a greater lag time.

I think the best compression for me to use considering the use of the advertisement will be lossless
compression as this means that the file size will be reduced and therefore making it easier to play
when viewing online.
Streaming method
I know from the assignment brief that I am going to be making a short advertisement that can then
be uploaded to a website as well as being shown on TV. The method I will be using to stream the
video online will depend on the file format I have been told to use, my client has not yet enlightened
me to what it is yet.
Media player
The media player is all about what the file format of the video is saved under, and then what it is
compatible with, for example, if the video was saved as a FLV or QuickTime file then I would be able
to upload the video to sites such as google video, YouTube, twitter and Facebook.

Legal and ethical

Legal Considerations
Copyright Laws: Originated from the United Kingdom as a concept of common law. The current act is
called the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. The rights that are covered within the law are
broadcasting and public performance, adapting, copying, issuing, renting and lending copies to the
public. The law also gives the Creators of literary, musical, sound recordings, artist work, dramatic,
films, broadcasts and typographical arrangement of published editions and the rights to control the
way that their material is used. In some cases, the creator will also have the right to be identified for
their work.
Along with the main copyrights there are also different sub-category for the different types of work
that are done:

Dramatic- plays, dance etc.

Literary- manuscripts, manuals, song lyrics, commercial documents, computer programs,
leaflets, articles & newsletters etc.
Typographical arrangement of published editions- magazines etc.
Artistic- maps, logos, architecture, painting, photography, technical drawings/diagrams.
Sound recording- this might be other copyright works e.g. literary & musical
Film- films, video footage, cable programmes and broadcasts

I wasnt until 1992 that the rules where extended to cover literary works and include computer
More information can be found at:
With all of the laws against things that you cant do it is often hard to understand where the laws
dont apply and to make sure that you arent braking any. Acts that are allowed:

Criticism and news reporting.

Private and research study purposes
Producing a backup copy for your own personal use

The person employed is the one who retains Copyright

With images there is always an option to used stock photos, this is where the owner of the
images has decided to let the images be freely used by the public, however you are able to by
the asset/ pay for it this does not mean that you have bought the copyright just the right to
use that image.
With software, when you purchase a package it means that you have purchased a license to
use the package legally. The purchased license is usually only for one computer. However, if
you do use the same disc to upload the same software on another computer then you will
still need to buy another license in order to use the software legally. There are some software
packages that can be bought that contain mulit-user licenses this will apply to a certain
number of users that will be able to log into a network and use the software/ program at any
one time. Once this number is met then no more people will be able to log onto the software
until someone else logs off. Packages like these are especially useful for business and schools.
Where a large number of people may need to accesses the software at one time. It is also
more likely when people see there is multi-user license option they will be more likely to
comply with the law as it is often more expensive to buy single license for each individual
user. It also makes it easier as a copy of the program can be loaded on to multiple computers
in a particular office or school. However, the client must be made aware of the limitations.

In my project I must apply all of these considerations and also that if any of the above are breached
then they are made fully aware and kept informed.
Ethical Considerations

You are not allowed to use an image; video or sound clip off anyone unless you have their
permission to do so beforehand (this is sometimes needed in writing)
You are not allowed to make a verbal statement about an individual that could be seen as
abusive or harmful to their own reputation. (Slander)
You are not allowed to make a written statement about a single individual that could be seen
as abusive or harmful to their own reputation (Libel)
You are not allowed to use any part of another persons work and pass it off as you own or
the whole thing without there written permission beforehand (Copyright Laws)
You also have to be careful in how you represent as well as describe the characters and
content in your own work as you must make sure that within your work you are both
unbiased and accurate. This applies to:
Gender (Male & Female)
Race (Black, White & Asian)
Disability (able bodied & otherwise)
Sexuality (Homosexual & Heterosexual)
Class (Working, Middle or Upper)
Nationality (British or otherwise)
Regionalism (North & South)
Age (Old & Young)

All of the above mean that you are not allowed/cannot in anyway suggest, at all that one of these
groups is inferior to another and if you do then production may not be allowed to be seen/shown as
it will be breach of this rule. There are some laws that work alongside these rules for example The
Race Relations Act.
It is essential that when I am designing and planning my project that take into consideration all of
the points that I have put above as well as ensured that all of the acts are complied with. Most of the
points that I have put above are just sensible considerations but I will check that the client is aware of
all of these points and considers them as and when is necessary.
I will look at the following codes of practice that the client needs to be aware of.