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1. Background information

o Producer:
Alan Walker: an eighteen-year-old DJ boy from
Norway. He began his career in 2012. In 2015,
Alan released two singles which are Spectre and
Force but Faded is by far his most well-known
o Lyrics:

Iselin Solheim: A Norwegian pop songwriter with

many famous singles such as The Wizard of Us
and Giant. She featured in lyrics and performed
Alan Walkers Faded in the first promotion at the
X-game Oslo.
o Production date: 1/3/2016
o Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ItHLz5WEA

2. Song & elements

This song has a medium fast tempo, medium high pitch and
simple texture with only EDM and piano. It has bright, eerie
and soft tone colors and follows the 4/4 metre. Faded is a
polyphonic piece with different rhythm and melody which is
shown in the timeline below.

3. Timeline


The piano comes quietly in 4/4 beat with
repeated notes and medium slow tempo to
bring a soft timbre start to the song. Afterwards,
the dynamics get louder (piano metso piano).

The melody stays the same for first 4 notes,

gets higher, back to the beginning and goes
down, all with the same amount of 8 notes.
(1st verse)



(2nd verse)

Youre the shadow to my light Alive

First verse of the song comes in along with low
notes from the piano and 4/4 beat. The timbre
continues to stay soft and the dynamics stay
metso piano.

Where are you now? now?

Short eighth notes come in and the piano sound
is replaced. Tempo is fastened up along with the
variety of dynamics in notes (metso forte). An
eerie timbre is introduced through the melodic
contour: starts with an average-high eighth
notes, then goes up to medium high and down
then repeated.

Where are you now?... Im faded

The notes stay the same as the chorus
introduction, except with a louder dynamic
(forte) and more background music. They are
constantly repeated for the lyrics to stand out.

These shallow waters Where are you


One note gets repeated several times with Piano

dynamic at the start and they get louder to
Forte. After that, the phrase Where are you
now? is constantly repeated with various notes
that have the same dynamics and pitches.
Another repetition of the notes from the
beginning of 2nd verse occurs with highlighted
drum notes.

Indistinct notes are played metso piano lightly

at the beginning and turn into Forte later on.
They also tend to get more intense and speed
up at the end of the section.


See 0:54 1:36 (Chorus)


Piano notes come in same as in the 0:00 0:10

(Introduction) section, except they are played
with piano (p) dynamic and slowly fading away
at the end.

4. Context (based on Iselin Solheims lyrics)

To me, the song talks about the separation of lovers,
darkness of an individuals life and desperation. The
situation of the girl in the song all involves with her lover

faded away after another start. Where are you now? is

constantly repeated to show the urge of seeing each other
again, which she is faded and lost without him. They
were separated for so long that she begins to question his
existence through the line Were you only imaginary?. To
her, he is like the Atlantis gone and never comes back.
Was it all in my fantasy? represents the confusion of the
girl about every moment of their relationships. The
monsters running wild inside represents the growing
anxiety after her dream about seeing him again. Before, she
had tried to suicide but the shallow water always stops her,
until she goes to the sea. The saying Im letting go is the
sign she is letting herself drifts down the sea, but after that,
she comes back to life: Im breathing Alive fortunately,
her suicide attempt did not succeed. The cycle keeps repeat
back and back with her struggling to deal with the
disappearance of him.
Overall, with its catchy and addictive melody, along
with great vocal and lyrics; Faded shows the hopelessness
of losing important ones in the society and how depression
can lead to an eternal death, both mentally and physically.

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