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Note in hand from Mrs.

Virginia Kelley, Clinton's mom, to Shelley

Ackerman with the time hand-written. She gave the same data in an
interview with "Family Circle" magazine of 2/02/1993, p.23.
(Virginia Miller quoted Clinton for the time of 7:30 AM given without
(David Maraniss "First in his Class" stateed that Clinton was born one
hour after dawn, "Details of his birth from Edith Cassidy's records, in
possession of her niece, Myra Irvin. As his grandmother was a nurse
who worked at the local hospital, she would probably have taken her
daughter into the hospital for the birth." (Source detailed in the Notes
section of the biography.) (Dawn is 5:24 AM)
(Kathy Forrest called 10/13/96 to relate that she had talked to Clinton's
mom about four years back and that she had said he was born at 7:30
AM. Kathy asked "Are you sure?" and the mom said "I should be, I'm
his mother." Virginia Kelley relates in the Maraniss biography that her
Bill was an eight-month baby, despite his birth weight of nearly 8 1/2
lbs. Her husband, Blythe, returned from Italy where he was stationed
eight months before Bill was born.
(Edith Custer sent a long letter from Rowena Wall dated 6/121/95 in
which she related that when Clinton began his campaign she asked her
mom, who lives in Pine Bluff, AR, to see if she could get his birth data.
Her mom replied that she found the data in a book in the library that
had the birth certificate in it, giving 3:44 AM. When this information
was printed in AFA DX No.104 (5/02/92), both Mark Lerner and Ken
Irving called the library but were told that no such book was there.
When Rowena Wall asked her mom to double-check, the alleged
biography could not be found, making the quote impossible to verify.)
American politician from 1963, a graduate of Yale Law school, Governor
of Arkansas in 1978 at age 32 and sworn into office as U.S. President
1/20/1993, 11:59 AM EST, Washington DC, and inaugurated for a
second term on 1/20/1997, 12:05 PM EST, Washington, DC.
Born three months after his dad died, he was raised by an alcoholic
step-dad whose name he took. At about 13, he stood up to his dad and
told him to never hit his mom again. His mom, always a fun-loving
friend and his biggest fan, died of breast cancer 1/06/1994.
He married Hillary Rodham and they had one daughter, Chelsea.
His administration has been fraught with suspicions of corruption and
associates who went to jail. The accusation by cabaret singer Gennifer
Flowers, 42, of a 12-year affair led off his presidential race followed by
continual rumors about his womanizing. In early 1999, public health
administrator, Juanita Broderich, alleged that he had raped her on a
date which was later deduced to be 4/25/1978 in her hotel room at a
medical conference.

On 8/17/1998 he testified to the grand jury that he had "misled" his

family and the nation when he had emphatically claimed several
months prior that he had never had a sexual relationship with White
House intern Monica Lewinsky from mid-1996 to January 1998. He had
not only humiliated his wife and daughter but had turned his personal
flaws into a public matter when he made the whole country complicit
in his cover story.
On 9/09/98, the Starr report reached Congress, recommending
impeachment for lying under oath, obstruction of justice and witness
On 12/19/1998 at 1:25 PM EST Washington, DC, the motion was passed
to adopt impeachment proceedings. The president was acquitted on
2/12/1999 as the Senate did not reach the two-thirds majority vote in
spite of ferocious partisan passions.
On 1/20/2001, the presidency was turned over to the Republican
candidate, George W. Bush. On his last day in office, Clinton struck a
deal with Independent Counsel Robert Ray in which he acknowledged
for the first time that he had made false statements under oath about
Monica Lewinsky and he surrendered his license to practice law for five
years in exchange for the end of the investigation (that has cost taxpayers $55 million) and an agreement that the grand jury not seek an
indictment. Both parties agreed that the matter is now concluded.
Former president Clinton agreed to pay a fine of $25,000 and to pay
his own legal costs.
Among the deals and pay-offs garnered in his administration (or
perhaps in a spirit of Christian forgiveness?), in his final two hours of
office the president granted 140 pardons to a range of individuals
accused or convicted of crimes, including his brother for a 1985 drug
conviction; Susan McDougal, who had served 18 months in jail rather
than testify about the Clinton business affairs to Ken Starr; and perhaps
most notoriously, Marc Rich along with his partner Pincus Green,
charged with owing the government $48 million in taxes. In the latter
case, the pardons were made without consulting Justice Department
officials, who may inquire about the $450,000 that Marc Rich's former
wife and personal friend of the Clintons has contributed to the Clinton
Library between July 1998 and May 2000.
When the former president and first lady moved out of the White
House, they removed about $28,000 of gifts which they felt were
personal, but when the government disagreed, the gifts were returned
in early February.
Clinton hit the lucrative lecture circuit in early February 2001 with his
delivery of a pair of speeches in Florida, including one at a Morgan
Stanley Dean Witter
financial services convention for a reported $100,000.
As investigation continued about the presidential pardons, it was
revealed on 2/20/2001 that Former President Bill Clinton's brother-in-

law Hugh Rodham received nearly $400,000 in fees for lobbying for a
presidential pardon and a prison commutation for two wealthy felons.
On the following day, reports broke that Hillary Rodham Clinton's
Senate campaign treasurer, New York attorney William Cunningham III,
helped obtain from former President Clinton last-minute pardons for
two men convicted on tax felony charges in the '80s. The pardon of
two Jewish felons was linked to a block of votes from the Jewish
community for Hillary Clinton's senatorial bid, a news break to which
Hillary reacted with the statement that she was "shocked." Pardons
were also in order for Harvey Weinig, 53, who helped launder at least
$19 million for the Cali drug cartel; Edward Downe Jr., a publishing and
financial executive guilty of insider trading (who has contributed
$21,500 to Democrats since 1991, including $1,000 to Hillary's Senate
campaign); and William Fugazy, convicted of hiding $75 million from
creditors. He also pardoned Susan Rosenberg and Linda Sue Evans,
both convicted of carrying explosives and weapons for the Weather
Underground, and former Arizona governor John Fife Symington,
convicted of fraud. Symington once saved Clinton from drowning at
'60s beach party. Several of Jesse Jackson associates were on the
pardon list, in spite of convictions on sex crimes, fraud and
embezzlement. Clinton commuted the sentence of Carlos Vignali, 30,
who had been convicted of cocaine trafficking in 1994: Carlos' father
donated more than $150,000 to Democratic causes. The list goes on.
On 10/01/2001 the Supreme Court suspended former President Clinton
from practicing law before the high court and gave him 40 days to say
why he should not be permanently disbarred. The court did not explain
its reasons, but Supreme Court disbarment often follows disbarment in
lower courts. The court acted after it was notified by the Arkansas
Supreme Court that Clinton's Arkansas law license was suspended for
five years.
His mother, Virginia Dell Cassidy was born 6/06/1923, Sherman TX. His
father, William Jefferson Blythe III, was born 2/27/1918, Sherman, TX,
or on February 21, 1917, which he gave in his Army records. Bill's halfbrother, Roger, was born July 25, 1955 and his father, Bill's step-dad,
was born 7/25/1909. Virginia Kelley died of cancer in early January
His new book, "My Life," was released on June 22, 2004 with much
fanfare, putting Clinton back in the limelight. In an hour-long episode
of "60 Minutes" aired on June 20, 2004, a contrite and reflective Clinton
spoke to interviewer Dan Rather about the Lewinsky escapade and its
impact on his family, Ken Starr?s dogged pursuit of crimes that Clinton
claims never occurred, the impeachment trial and the former
president?s political, social and economic record.
The former President underwent coronary artery bypass surgery on the
morning of September 6, 2004 in New York, beginning at about 8 AM
and ending around noon according to a CNN report. He entered the

New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Friday, September 3 after

experiencing mild chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue. An
angiogram showed blockages in four coronary arteries.
He was
expected to make a full recovery, and indeed, six weeks later, looking
trim, he once again was on the campaign trail, stumping for John Kerry
in the 2004 Presidential race.
The former president underwent surgery to remove fluid build-up and
scar tissue that formed in his chest after his heart surgery a few
months ago. He was admitted to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital
on March 10, 2005 and was discharged four days later. Ever in the
limelight, Clinton is considered one of the most popular Democrats in
the 21st century and one of the most prolific fund-raisers. He and
former President George H. W. Bush were sent by President George W.
Bush to Indonesia and Thailand to assist with relief efforts after the
terrible tsunami in 2005.
Clinton?s stepfather, Richard Kelley, died on January 31, 2007 at about
5:45 PM local time in Hot Springs, AR. Kelley, age 91, was the fourth
husband of Clinton?s mother. He and the former president had enjoyed
a warm and close relationship.
Clinton underwent surgery to place two stents in a coronary artery on
February 11, 2010 in New York City. He was released from hospital the
following day.