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Data ONTAP 7.3 Setup Guide

Data ONTAP 7.3 Setup Guide

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Published by: Cronoivan on May 20, 2010
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You can use the exportfs command to verify that the root path and root directory are available to

About this task

After setup is complete, the storage system is online, and the following entities should exist on the
storage system:

•/vol/vol0 (a virtual root path)
•/vol/vol0/home (a directory)

Note that /vol is not a directory–it is a special virtual root path under which the storage system
mounts its volumes. You cannot mount /vol to view all the volumes on the storage system; you must
mount each storage system volume separately. NFS and CIFS protocols provide the following access
characteristics for the /vol virtual root path:

•For NFS

/vol/vol0 is exported to the administration host for root access; /vol0/home is exported to the
administration host for root access and to all clients for general access.


By default, /vol/vol0 is shared as C$ and /vol/vol0/etc/ is shared as $ETC. These two shares are
created with "Full Control" given to the Builtin Administrators group and with no access given to
any other users or groups. By default, the Builtin Administrators group members are the local
administrator account, the Domain Administrator's group (if the storage system belongs to a
domain), and any user or group that you configured with Administrative access during CIFS
setup. The /vol/vol0/home directory is shared as HOME with "Full Control" access granted to the
group Everyone.


1.To verify that the /vol/vol0 path and /vol/vol0/home directory entities exist on your storage
system, enter the following command at the storage system command line:


You should see a listing that includes lines similar to the following:

/vol/vol0 -sec=sys,rw=admin_host,root=admin_host,nosuid
/vol/vol0/home -sec=sys,rw,root=admin_host,nosuid

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