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Lesson Teaching Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Alana Davis

Instructor: Terri George & Marlee Tierce
School: Mableton Elementary School

Grade: 5th

Lesson Topic: Earthquake Choice Board Formative Assessment

Write a brief summary or blog of your experiences teaching this lesson,
addressing the following questions:

What went well? What did not go well? (Cite specific examples)

How well were the lessons student performance objectives


Did classroom activity center on science understanding, inquiry,

and sense-making by all students?

Did your scientific content knowledge enable you to support

students construction of knowledge and understanding of
important scientific concepts and processes?

When you have the opportunity to re-teach this lesson, what will
you do differently (strategies, teaching tools, assessments, etc.)
to improve student learning for all students?

This lesson served as a mid-point formative assessment checkpoint

for students during my earthquake unit. Students were given multiple
intelligence choice boards to answer the question: Explain how
earthquakes are both a constructive and destructive force. Students
could choose to work by themselves or with a partner to complete their
choice to explain their answer. Much to my surprise students had a
hard time completing these in the time frame given (2 class periods).
They got a wonderful chance to show their creativity, however, when
you have a class of perfectionists their products take more time usually
to finish. I was pleased that each assessment showed me what they
had learned so far in the unit and I was able to address any
misconceptions my students may have had.
The students did a great job creating a presentation to answer
the formative assessment question. The overall student performance
objectives were attained easily and I was able to pick up on who
needed more teaching on earthquakes being both a constructive and
destructive force.
This class formative assessment centered on science
understanding by the students and was based on learning that they
had done thus far in the unit. I wanted to make sure going into the
STEM activity that they knew what they understood the concept behind
the challenge there were going to be working on. The multiple
intelligence choice board was a great addition for my class because I
do have many students that are very different type of learner from
each other.
My scientific content knowledge enabled me to support my
students as they constructed their presentations for the formative
assessment choice board activity. I was able to help students who did
not have a clear understanding or had some misconceptions about
constructive and destructive forces.
Based on the outcome of this activity and lesson, I will definitely
use it again. I would change several things such as allowing students
more class periods to get their finished piece together, as well as,
making students work independently. If I change these aspects, I think
the assessment will go smoothly.