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Values Paper
Yolanda Wyche
Wayne State University
SW 3010: Practice Methods I
Professor Norma Schropshire

One of the most rewarding attributes is being generous to others. When I was a
young child in elementary school. I always tried to help my peers with simple things like
giving clothes to someone who was in need of them. I would volunteer my mother
services as the lady in the neighborhood that could do your hair if you needed it because
she was gifted in that area.
One of the value objectives that the National Association Social Workers code of
ethics refers to is The Importance of Human Relationships this is explained as :When
social workers recognize the importance of human relationships and when social workers
understand that relationships between and among people are an important vehicle for
change. (NASW Code of Ethics) This ethical principle is a value that I embrace and live
by. The assertiveness and interpersonal skills that are required to build a mutual
relationship is challenging but rewarding. This ethical principle would help me to serve
my clients with empathy and effort.
Another value that is similar to my personality is Integrity this is important to me.
My hope is that a client know that I am trustworthy with information that is confidential.
If I work for an agency or for the private sector honesty is a priority for me as well as
working by the standards and mission of the organization.
Growing up in a small town in Virginia helped me as a young girl. The lifestyle
there was simple and pleasant. Living in a small town where everybody was familiar with
each other was nurturing and supportive. The community had a cohesive feeling everyone
looked after other people children as if they were related. I learned how to respect my
elders at a young age. Being sassy or being disrespectful was not tolerated most children
played together and became friends. The parents befriended one another and gave support
to one another when it was needed. There were times when a neighbors child needed a
babysitter someone close by would volunteer to help with the task. I learned to be
responsible for my younger siblings while my mother worked at a factory.
The neighborhood picnics is where everyone would come together for leisurely
fun. This was also a time to learn team work. Softball games were a favorite for most
participants this favorite pass time taught everyone how to play together and enjoy being

a team player. This small enjoyment helped the young people learn how to organize and have a
team spirit which is a good attribute to me in my adult life. I was a cheerleader at ten years old
for my school which was intergrated at the time so this taught me about diversity because the
squad was a mixture of white girls as well as black girls. The cheer team had a common goal and
that was simply to cheer our team on.
This gave us a new experience that ended with confidence in knowing that barriers and
stereo types could be broken down. Other programs helped shape my value system being a girl
scout gave me another chance to learn about being a part of an organization and helping others it
also was a good mentor program as I learned how to not be afraid to talk to people or ask
questions. Fundraising is a part of the Girl Scout culture. These childhood groups and programs
gave me character that is my foundation for the values that I have in my adult life. The close knit
community that I was a part of in my childhood helped me not to discriminate against older
people or authoritative figures like teachers, police officers or clergymen. The town had a nearby
army base therefore, new neighbors were often arriving from other parts of the country which
helped me not to discriminate against people that was from somewhere different with different
cultures and sometimes with a different accent some people would make fun of others that was
from deeper south or up north. Code 4.02 in N.A.S.W. code of ethics Discrimination is one of the
values that I agree with.
There are values that are conflicting with the code of ethics for example the code states
that social workers should respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person. Social workers
treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual differences and culture
and ethnic diversity Social workers promote clients socially responsible Self Determination.
Social workers seek to enhance Clients capacity and opportunity to change and to address their
own needs. Social workers are cognizant of their dual responsibility to clients and to the broader
society. They seek to resolve conflicts between Clients interest and the broader societys interest
in a socially responsible manner consistent with the values ethical principles and ethical
standards of the profession. ( National Association Social Workers code of ethics.) I agree with
this ethical principal yet, there are people that even with the opportunity to change may not do so
due to mental barriers or severely damaged mental cognitive abilities .

Some of my value belief system is conservative .My goal is to not let my personal belief system
impose on anyone else. I respect all persons and want to understand as many different
circumstances as possible. The population that I might have difficulty serving is the sexual
offenders that have sexually abused children specifically men that have abused young boys or
girls. I dont understand why any adult would want to steal the innocent of a child. The men in
religious organizations that have seduced young boys gives me a uneasy feeling pertaining to
even to being homosexual is this lifestyle too assertive or forward.

It makes me question if society is really prepared for a dual gender family with both
heterosexual families as well as homosexual families are children mature enough to understand
the complexities of such a relationship will they understand that this is a lifestyle that you choose
and not one that is imposed upon you. Will they feel that this is a lifestyle that they should
embark on if they have a bad relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
In my life experience with this population I have heard of a woman who was homosexual
for twenty years and then she change her mind and reclaimed her first gender as a woman which
confused some people and delighted others in some instances it may be thought of as ok to go
back and forth or just say I am bisexual.
In my religious background the gay lifestyle is not considered to be a healthy or morally
correct lifestyle . As a professional I would overlook my biases about this population and
consider my code of ethics as a social worker. I do belief in the code of ethics and that is how I
would continue to serve this population.. I would also do research on the success of a
homosexual family with children and I would refer to the National Associations Social Workers
code of ethics principles of code 1.05 the cultural competence and social diversity. The 4.02
value code of Discrimination is what I would work by. I would do this for the sexually offenders
as well. I would practice the code of ethics for repeat offenders also. i
If I could not serve my clients with the competence that I know that they deserve .I would
find someone that is experienced in that population and speak candidly to my supervisor or if I
was in my own practice I would refer the client to professional with more expertise in that area.
One of my valued attributes is to continue to work on perfecting my craft. To ensure
quality of service .Empathy, education, effectiveness, and social reconstruction. I would

demonstrate my ethical codes with these population by practicing the code of ethics with them I
would refer to code 4.02 and respect them and not discriminate toward the client. I would use the
inherit value system that I grew up with and that is to value the worth of the person and treat
them with care and understanding to meet them where they are in there environment. I would
remain to be mindful of individual differences and circumstances.
In my personal statement paper I said that caring about people and helping them was one
of my goals.(Wyche 2013) and I have not changed my mind about wanting to help all people

Reference: National Association of Social Workers (2008) code of ethics.

Washington D.C. :retrieved from website
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Wyche Y (2013) Admissions essay unpublished manuscript, Social work Wayne State
University Detroit MI