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Linksys Srw224g4-Srw248g4 Ug

Linksys Srw224g4-Srw248g4 Ug

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The VLAN to Ports screen contains fields for configuring VLANs to a ports.

Port. Displays the interface number.

Mode. Indicates the port to VLAN mode. The possible field values are:

General. The port can be tagged or untagged in any VLAN.

Access. The port is untagged in a single VLAN. When a port is in Access mode, the packet types which are
accepted on the port (packet type) cannot be designated. It is also not possible to enable/disable ingress
filtering on an access port.

Trunk. The port is tagged in all VLANs of which it is a member, except the default VLAN (which is


Join VLAN. Defines the VLANs to which the interface is joined.

VLANs. Displays the PVID tag.

LAG. Indicates if the port is a member of a LAG. If it is a member of a LAG, it cannot be configured to a VLAN. The
LAGto which it belongs can be configured to a VLAN.

Figure 5-15: VLAN to Ports - Join VLAN

Figure 5-14: VLAN Management - VLAN to Ports


Chapter 5: Using the Web-based Utility for Configuration
VLAN Management Tab - GVRP

WebView Switches

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