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My Ifeanyi

My Ifeanyi

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Published by: Nwakudu Ifeanyi Samuel on Jun 01, 2010
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The aim of this research work is to proffer solutions to the Niger-Delta crisis


which has remained a recurring National Question up from the period prior

independence to date. The recommended solutions to the Niger-Delta crisis are

as follows-

1.Enforcing the local content policy in Oil and Gas sectors;

2.A Regional Gas Grid alongside an effective inter-modal transport system to

enable industrialization and development;

3.The Ministry of Niger-Delta Affairs should be equipped to enable it take

part in massive developmental projects in the Region;

4.Government should without delay unfold its programme of massive

infrastructural development of the Region along with Human-Capital


5.For a definitive resolution of the crisis, the people of the Region should be

given a genuine sense of ownership of the wealth accruing from their land;

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