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Published by: Ray Frausto on Jun 08, 2010
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Weddings are perhaps the one occasion in people’s lives where pictures are always

wanted. A beginning photographer has an advantage over established wedding photographers

because they can charge less, especially if they have little overhead such as a studio to pay for.

Most everyone knows a friend or family member who has an upcoming wedding, and

advertising your services may first be by word of mouth. Bridal journals are another good

place to advertise. Check out your local newspaper’s announcement section and send a card

directly to the engaged couple, advertising your services and specifying the price you will

charge to photograph their wedding.

There are some basic pictures that are always taken at a wedding, so that gives a

beginning photographer a leg up on the whole process. You already know that the bride will

take a picture alone and so will the groom. Then there will be bride/groom photos and, from

there, it will gradually expand to include more and more of the family and the bridal party. It is

important before the day of the wedding to get a list of the important people the couple will

want to have additional pictures of. Usually these are parents, grandparents, maid of honor,

and best man. You’ll need to be around to take pictures of the toasts that are given to the

couple, the cutting of the cake, and the throwing of the bouquet. Become familiar with the

basic setup of the wedding service, especially if the couple’s religious practice differs from

your own. For example, the couple will want to have a picture taken when glass is broken at a

Jewish wedding ceremony.

It would be to your advantage if you could take as many pictures as possible before the

actual ceremony. Brides and members of the bridal party are notorious for being late in their

preparations so, often, the groom and his groomsmen may just be standing around waiting.

This is a perfect opportunity to pull them aside for pictures and to take group pictures of the

audience. Don’t forget that the couple will also celebrate wedding anniversaries, so be sure to

mention to the newly marrying couple that you are available for taking pictures five years down

the road. Older couples in the audience should also be approached since 25th

and 50th


anniversaries tend to involve big celebrations.


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