Teeny greenies

About the product/venture
y Mission: y To provide secure breeding environment to birds. y Product: y Wooden Birdhouses

Entrepreneurial process

Role Models Support System
Moral Support Professional Support

Sources of Idea
y Existing organizations y Government y Research and Development

Use of E-commerce
y Information y Attractiveness y Integration (online selling) y Customer Feedback

Legal Protection
y Patents on designs y Trademarks on logo y Possibility of licensing

y Taxation rules y Licensing y Standards of the country y Laws y Property rights y Custom

y Hire a translator y Ethical issues

y Simple Technology y Quality y Depends upon growth opportunity

y Competetitors

External growth
y Franchising y Merger y Acquisition y Joint venture

Joint venture
y For external growth resources we selected joint

venture for our business.

Going public
y Not very probable due to nature of business

Bankruptcy situation
y Convert to aided NGO y Sell Out as a CSR program for another firm.

Industry Analysis
y Competitors y Other entities

Organizational Plan
y Partnership y Functional division of power y May promote to a Limited Company

Operations Plan
y Contract with carpenters y Advanced payments from customers y Personal property for house.

Financial Plan
y Low investment y Minimize cost y Future growth

y Environment friendly y Low price

Marketing Potential
y Recent boom in industry y Customer loyalty to noble cause

Target Market
y CDA and NGO s y Individuals

Objectives and Action plan
y Objective y Save the environment y Action Plan y Create awareness y Promote our business y Sell our product

y Brochures y Flyers y Posters y Direct Marketing