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Tool 6.

1  Developing Consensus Building Skills

◆◆ Ask participants to stand up and form a line across the room.
◆◆ Introduce the question “Where do you stand?” on the issue of
◆◆ Define what point of view each end of the line represents.
◆◆ Ask participants to move to a point on the line based on their
◆◆ Instruct participants to talk to those around them about why they
chose their positions.
◆◆ Facilitate a discussion about the line; ask those at the extremes to
voice their positions there as well as others on the line.
◆◆ Underlying values and beliefs will emerge from the discussion.
Often individuals at the extremes will relate to the same values. It
is beneficial to discuss these similarities and then allow individu-
als to align themselves a second time.

Example Question
◆◆ There is much debate over the emphasis placed on standardized
testing in schools today.
◆◆ Where do you stand on the need for standardized testing in our
◆◆ Please line up at the most appropriate place on the line according
to your beliefs about standardized testing.

Where do you stand?

Standardized testing Standardized testing

is detrimental to the is critical to the
education of students education of students

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